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  1. Frozen Eternity

    DPPt/HGSS Sneasel

    Yo. I currently have a Sneasel at LV 45 which learned Slash already so does that mean that if I evolve it to LV 46 to a Weavile it can't learn Night Slash?
  2. Frozen Eternity

    Youth Olympic Games

    Hi! I'm from Singapore, the country where the YOG is being held at and wants to know if you guys actually follow the games there?
  3. Frozen Eternity

    Pokemon Read This! Pokemon Hack

    Anynody had seen this article?? Discuss!
  4. Frozen Eternity

    BW/BW2 First Impression

    Is it me or is that the new Pokemon designs for BW are getting from bad to worse? Discuss.
  5. Frozen Eternity

    Game Corner

    I would like to make a proposal to alllow games in Game Corner to be forever be played although they are dead. Game Corner is for fun and I don't think game threads should be locked... Just a friendly feedback
  6. Frozen Eternity

    Discuss these!

    What video games/comics/books/cartoons should be made into live-action movies? In my opinion God Of War and Final Fantasy Crisis Core should be chosen. Their deep storyline is suitable for anyone who wants to watch a good movie. Also... What Marvel movie should be made into...
  7. Frozen Eternity

    OMG! A new member!

    if PMJ is gay was banned because of his name, how about the newest member, WPM is gay!!!
  8. Frozen Eternity

    Final Riku

    I need help on how to beat Riku(the last battle) in Kingdom Hearts Chain of memories! Im stuck!
  9. Frozen Eternity

    Need new PSP games

    Hey, I was wondering what games I should buy for my new PSP. I would prefer action adventure or sports. Please tell me what games are good and which are the ones should I buy. MY GAMES SO FAR Call Of Duty Roads to Victory Burnout Legends Transformers the game Fifa Street 2 Sonic Rivals...
  10. Frozen Eternity

    Fallen's first ever spriting contest! Need judges and contestants!

    WELCOME TO MY FIRST EVER SPRITING COMPETITION! Seeing a lot of spriting contests had been organized, I decided to make a new one. This would be my first. Even though I am no spriter, I will be the judge. I need 10 participants and the lowest scored participant will be eliminated at the end of...
  11. Frozen Eternity

    Just an English game( Please read the rules before playing)!)

    Can a four letter word stump you? Change just one letter of the last word posted and see who gets stuck. Rules: 1. You can't add letters. 2. You can only use english. 3. You can only change one letter. Example: Starting word: fool Carly - foot Stephanie - food LJ - mood...
  12. Frozen Eternity

    The greatest fanfic contest.( Pokebeach's first and only)

    COME JOIN MY FANFIC CONTEST NOW!!! a) Quick intro: I may not be a good writer but here I am organising a contest for fellow Pokebeachers. Rules are simple. I will just write a short paragraph and participants must continue and write more chapters based on the paragraph.There will be no...
  13. Frozen Eternity

    TR's and Paul's other pokemon.

    Another thread LOL! What do you think will be Team Rocket's and Paul's next few Pokemons? I think TR will get a Chatot or Skorupi. Paul could get a Luxray.
  14. Frozen Eternity

    Writing The new fanfic library

    This thread is for users to easily read fanfics as there are links to them. 1.Quest to become a Pokemon master Owner: The Fallen Link: 2. Chaz10 Check it Out!!!! Owner:Chazz9 Link...
  15. Frozen Eternity

    Writing Quest to become a Pokemon Master- A mega fan-fic

    Yo! It's me.I'm making a fanfic dedicated to pokemon fans. As my grammar and english are not so good,I need editors who I can trust.So let's get started,shall we?(Also remember to comment in the end of every chapters) Scene: In Hoenn Name: Greg Age: 11 Pokemon: Ralts, Torchic Character...
  16. Frozen Eternity

    Old buddies

    How I wish Pokemon like Primeape and Pidgeot would return to Ash in some special events. In the 10th movie trailer, Ash did rode on a pidgeot which is confirmed to be his. How about Primeape?Or Lapras?Or maybe Haunter? Post your comments here. Primeape I hope that Primeape will return to...
  17. Frozen Eternity

    The 'Why should I be here' Game!

    Members in this forum are highly respected.Do you know why?In this game you will find out why a particular member is so respected and very popular. Example: R_H says:Why should I be here Person A says:Because R_H's avatar is cute.Why should I be here? Person B says:Because you are...
  18. Frozen Eternity

    Pokemon DP Names.

    Nintendo,sorry. But I just wanted to say that....aren't the DP english names a little to weird?We have names like Shinx, what does it mean?We got Dialga and Palkia,surely they can improve on that.We got also Bidoof,huh???So here,we will discuss about the new english names and how weird they are.
  19. Frozen Eternity

    Need For Speed Most Wanted

    Can someone help me on how to play drag?I am now at Blacklist 10(Baron).
  20. Frozen Eternity


    From now on, yooooo is Regice_Hunter! Say hello to it! Please get used to it, It is yoooooo now known as Regice_Hunter!