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    Jade, you're warned. - PMJ

    Consider yourself warned. Don't ever make a thread like this again. - PMJ
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    just recently i called someone who has these muscle spasms twitchy and asked him how this twitching was going and some other offensive things. but haha i am not banned over it! all these americans are! i was flaming all these americans but i got off the hook! hahahahahaha.
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    Wi-Fi Trades Mjadex123's My Player Thread

    Jade's Player Thread MY INFORMATION: My Friend Code - Japanese: Coming soon My Friend Code - English: Coming soon MSN: jade.asp(at) (i always in a busy status so please do not expect me in another status other than Busy for a reason). AIM & Yahoo: JadeRMXP Contact Time...
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    How many rev holos ya do have... (duplicates does not count :P)

    hey, thread title said it. mine: DF: 85/89 95.5% CG: 33/88 37.5% HP: 54/98 56.1% LM: 28/82 34.2% DS: 73/107 68.2% UF: 36/100 36.0% EM: 33/89 37.1% DX: 27/95 28.4% TR: 27/95 28.4% RG: 37/103 35.9% HL: 28/92 30.4% MA: 14 DR: 1 SS: 3 RS: 3 SK: 1 AQ: 0 ED: 1 light venusaur...
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    Can you either... 1. Ban yugioh trade threads Or 2. Make a YGO subforum in the Offtopic but posts wont count!
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    use it

    hope you like it WPM Also, I can give you the clear template of the title name so u can make any future banners on different images :P
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    new cards on jp site

    check i out manaphy look kewl`
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    from tomorrow... jayh and i will be offline for a few days. jayh will be back on Wednesday. I will be back on Saturday.
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    Commonwealth Games in Melbourne

    Yes, its in my home country XDDD Anyways, we got more other English countries than US...yes on Pokebeach =p Australia > Singapore, Malayasia, etc etc we always get the #1 rank for medals for years.
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    APRIL Appr tourney, by your truly!!!

    April Pokebeach Tournament Info: Date-to-begin: When we get atleast 16 active people Host: JADE Aim: Jadermxp MSN: [email protected] Email: [email protected] Prizes: The winner will take 2 reverse holo from my binder, which has a Common or Uncommon rarity. The runner up will take...
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    Happy Birthday!! SceptileRancher and EspeonShock - both of them are regular members of the beach. Happy birthday to both of ya.
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    Yes, you hear it right, PokeBeach is your #1 source for everything Pokemon TCG =) The scan you will see here is the first one of the non-theme deck related for Miracle Crystal, the upcoming Japanese set that will be out on March 10th with two theme decks - Kyorge ex and Groudon ex. Many of...
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    Someone tried to get into my account.. >_<

    I got an email saying that have to click on a link to reset my password... I never want to change my password AND its always the same and I still remember the same password. The email was sent to me at around 11.58pm (approx 1 1/2 hours ago) So, could someone check any IPs of someone...
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    Jade's Banner Shop

    25/02 NOTE: Sorry, I do not have the time to do anyone else banners but still only do mines but gimme ideas is good. Hello people. Welcome to my banner store. Please request the style of banner you want to be as well as which cards you wanted. i have the access to over 3000+ high...
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    Ruling Favourite *'s

    Note: Old skool Shinings does NOT count. My favourtie Pokemon* card is ineed Mewtwo because he look really maaad. I also likes the Eeeveelutions... What's yours =p
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    Pokemon Pokemon Special Manga

    Who's here on the forum read the Pokemon Special Manga? I do, i have eighteen volumes and havent got Volumes 19-21 yet and my publisher of these manga is Chaung Yi (i imported them from S'pore).