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  1. MoFoTY86

    Help Budget Decks: Bills and Adulting is Hard

    Hello fellow Poke Beachers! It's been awhile since I posted a topic here and I need your help. As the title states, Adulting is hard. With unexpected life events, I have to stop myself from buying anymore TCG and sell my inventory (mainly high priced cards and staples). I want to continue...
  2. MoFoTY86

    Discussion Your Most Favorite/Fun Deck to Play.

    Hello PokeBeachers! My local league had a fun deck day and some came up with insane ideas (Rotom Toolbox, Regi Box, etc). So I wanted to see what fun and creative decks you've put together and had fun with it. It doesnt need to be competitive and expect to win games but fun to play. This can...
  3. MoFoTY86

    Discussion Your thoughts on the BDIF in Both Standard and Expanded

    Hello and good afternoon fellow Beachers! With Ultra Prism coming out soon, there are a lot of new and exciting cards that could change the format (both standard and expanded) upon release. So I would like to see what you all think would be the BDIF Standard (Break Through-Ultra Prism) and...
  4. MoFoTY86

    Standard Creep Show Gengar

    So I recently got done reading @JEKyl 's article about Buzzwole and saw that Creep Show could be an interesting add. Talking back and forth with Mr. Kettler, I was wanting to try to bring back Creep Show Gengar back into the mix. So here is a list I made up on the fly. Let me know how you all...
  5. MoFoTY86

    Discussion Quad Koko (promo)/Necrozma GX

    Hello. Was thinking about building a fun possibly sneaky deck that could wreck a lot of things. I don't have a list off the top of my head but my plan is to spread as much dmg as possible with the Koko (promo) and then wipe with Necrozma's GX attack. What are your thoughts?
  6. MoFoTY86

    Discussion Buying packs and/or Singles

    So I am guessing there is a debate on whether it is better to buy singles instead of packs. Me, personally, enjoy buying packs because of the hype and getting code cards. A few local players suggest I should buy singles instead. Yes it would be cheaper and smarter instead of wasting money on...
  7. MoFoTY86

    Standard Sylveon GX Post Rotation (BreakThrough-Burning Shadows)

    Hello once again my fellow Pokebeachers!!! I am wanting to alter my deck to fit the newest Rotation for the next season. I enjoy disrupting my opponent and making them frustrated and want to continue doing that in the upcoming season. Let me know what you think I should do with this. Any...
  8. MoFoTY86

    Discussion Banned Cards Update

    I am sure all of you are aware there is a banned list update effective August this year. Ancient Power Archeops and Forest of Giant Plants is banned for the Expanded format and with Forest banned, Shiftry is now removed from the list. here is the link from my messenger...
  9. MoFoTY86

    Standard Greninja Post Rotation 2018 Season

    Hello and good afternoon (morning, evening, whatever) fellow Poke beachers. There was worry about Greninja not gonna see play. Well it is gonna be hard with things being rotated after September and was trying to think of a new deck to work around. So let me indulge you on my opinion of a deck...
  10. MoFoTY86

    Writing Jake's Fire Red Nuzlocke Journey (Ch 4: Brock You Like a Hurricane!)

    Hello fellow Beachers! Was pondering on how and where to start my Nuzlocke. So I decided to use my interest in writing stories and turn my Nuzlocke into a story. And what better way than to start with Gen 1. If you are interested in this, feel free to "Watch this thread", give input and feel...
  11. MoFoTY86

    Standard Sylveon GX Second Attempt

    So I finished 5-1-1 in my local league 7 round swiss and lost in top 8 vs Gyarados. I've noticed that I never got the chance to use Flareon and Kukui could've been useful. This is the deck I used. Any input and suggestions would be nice. Thanks. Pokémon - 9 * 4 Eevee * 4 Sylveon * 1 Flareon...
  12. MoFoTY86

    Standard Sylveon GX first deck attempt.

    So I am trying to figure out a fun deck to play but still an annoyance. Sylveon GX. So here is my attempt and tell me what you think. Pokémon: (7) 4 Eevee (Sun and Moon) 3 Sylveon GX (Guardians) Trainers (39) 4 Team Flare Grunt 4 Delinquent 4 N 2 Lysandre 2 Hex 2 Team Rocket's Handiwork 4...
  13. MoFoTY86

    Discussion Mega Ray Discussion.

    Hello fellow Beaches! (hope that doesn't get me in trouble.) I was thinking on what deck should I focus on next for the upcoming League Cup next month, which may have Guardians Rising legal to use. It seems Mega Ray has been my newest and easiest deck to run since it doesn't take much to set up...
  14. MoFoTY86

    Question What are Some of the Best Nicknames You Have Given your Pokemon?

    I'm currently running a Fire Red Nuzlocke and my mind is running a blank. Trying to get inspiration to get good names. Something original instead of stealing from other pop culture.
  15. MoFoTY86

    Ruling Curious question about Shaymin-EX and Sky Returning a Pyukumuku w/Bursting Balloon.

    So my question is pretty much what the title says. I am fairly new with how the order of operation happens. I was told by my opponent his Shaymin won't get knocked out to Innards Out and Bursting Balloon. Is this correct?
  16. MoFoTY86

    Discussion Name your Favorite Deck in Each Category.

    Expanded: Night March Standard: Greninja For Fun: Pinsir (SM)/Hammers/Team Rocket's Handiwork Other decks I've played: Tyranitar EX, M Gardevoir (STS), Rainbow Road, Darkrai-EX/Giratina/Garbordor, Pyukumuku/Decidueye-GX, Volcanion, Gyarados, Yveltal/Tauros-GX.
  17. MoFoTY86

    Discussion MoFoTY's Fire Red Nuzlocke

    Hello and good morning to you all. A few of you might know that I had a question concerning Nuzlockes and where to put them. Well here it is! I haven't started one yet, but I'd figured I get this thread going. Going to go through every GEN. This will all be done on my phone and will post...
  18. MoFoTY86

    Standard First deck submission. Mega Rayquaza.

    A big league challenge this upcoming weekend and would like some feedback. I was told to run this type since a friend got Top 8 at a League Challenge. This is my first time running Mega Ray in a League Challenge. Any questions, feel free to ask. Pokemon (16) 4 Rayquaza-EX[Colorless] (ROS) 3 M...
  19. MoFoTY86

    Discussion Will Greninja ever be good again?

    Hello to you all once again. So shifting over to TCG, my first thought to post about is...will Greninja ever be great again? With the recent hype with Decidueye-GX/Laurantis-GX/Vileplume decks, it seems a lot of people will be playing said decks and Greninja will have a hard time struggling...
  20. MoFoTY86

    Question Nuzlocke Forum?

    Hello. This is my very first post on PokeBeach. So I hope this is a good topic to post. I am wondering if there is a forum for Nuzlocke challenges. I've done Nuzlockes before but never been able to complete or finish. Some I've failed. In case for those who don't know what a Nuzlocke is, here...