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  1. Swampert Full Art

    Collecting Jumbo Card Size Decrease!

    I'm probably kind of late on this, but the other day I got a Toxtricity V Box and it turns out that the jumbo card size has CHANGED! At first I had no idea. It wasn't until I put it with the rest of my jumbos that I realized that the jumbo cards are now considerably smaller than the ones from...
  2. Swampert Full Art

    Games Muted on TCGO!

    Have any of ya'll ever been muted or even banned on TCGO? I just got muted today. I may have mentioned eBay... which I now knowis against the policy... I have not received an email yet. Does anyone have any idea how long the mute will be in effect? I have heard there are 24 hour ones, 15 day...