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    (1) New Pokemon Revealed on 'Oha Suta' [6/28]

    RE: (1) New Pokemon Revealed on 'Oha Suta' [6/28]] The yellow red and grey thing looks like it could be a fossil pokemon
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    Saturday, 5/12, D/P Scans Later Tonight, Please Provide Yours!

    is this the first prerelease they had staff promos?
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    Scans of Diamond and Pearl TCG Set Up, Wednesday, 5/9

    WOW awesome, i love the new set, i really like the style, but the reverse holos blow they keep going down hill, but i do like them better than the e sets and early ex sets because the border isnt holo, which looks better
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    Scans of Diamond and Pearl TCG Set Up, Wednesday, 5/9

    RE: Diamond and Pearl Scans Coming, Wednesday, 5/9 i hate to be impatient but i am, what time in eastern time will the scans be up
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    Scans of Diamond and Pearl TCG Set Up, Wednesday, 5/9

    RE: Diamond and Pearl Scans Coming, Wednesday, 5/9 It seems like its been for ever sence we got power keepers. I am so sick of EX series I can't wait for this set (and the next one.) Um it says i posted in AM but its PM, just a heads up OH yeah, Will you have the set list also? And, What...
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    Tues, Wed, Sat, 1/30-2/2, EX Power Keepers Scans and Set List, Meiji Promos

    RE: Tuesday, 1/30, Thirty-Five EX Power Keepers Scans Is there going to be more scans tonight? If not im going to sleep bc i have bronchittis, but power keepers is more important than my health. (semi-kidding)
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    Does anybody here collect and not play?

    i dont play i only collect, because thats what i do i also collect action figures and many other things
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    What * (Star) Cards Do You Have And How'd You Get Them?

    Metagross* Bought a box of DS Mudkip* Bought some packs at kb toys Latias* Bought some packs at target
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    Monday, 9/25, One New Pokemon, Two New Names

    Should we expect more info today(USA East Coast Time)?
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    Monday, 9/25, One New Pokemon, Two New Names

    How soon is soon?
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    Thursday, 9/21, EX DF Set Specs, Collector Tin EXs, Strategist Positions Opened

    now all you need is a promo section for those nice scans
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    Monday, 9/4, Diamond and Pearl Anime News

    i crave tcg news!!!
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    Saturday, 9/2, New Layout

    hey now that you have a section for scans of "other sets" you should include promos and pop sets
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    Friday, 9/1, EX Dragon Frontiers

    they are not refuring to legendary pokemon but they are saying that stars are legendary to the tcg
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    No boxtropper in Ex CG ?

    Yeah there is alot of promos that we have not recieved but 75% of them wont be released here. Cards with trainers in their name, 4th gen pokemon, and pokemon with blanks in their names wont be released outside of japan. The following are the about how many cards we have left for release... 1...
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    Tuesday, 8/29, DP News

    this is my third week of school and no i dont have year round school, but i cant wait untill we see the rest of the coro coro scans hope they all get leaked early, what time of the month were the last ones leaked?
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    Monday, 8/28, Satoshi Tajiri's B-Day, EX CG Theme Deck Lists

    so the only variants were blast, ven, swamp, and non holo dugtrio, correct?
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    Some people make fake sets, I make real sets

    i would rather have a reprint set than this, and out of all the promos that we dont have, that they might release there is only 9 players promos, 27 pcgp promos and 1 advance promo
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    Saturday, 8/19, Worlds + Mysterious Dungeon

    WPM find out about the next set thats coming out and find out if we are getting the diamond and pearl set before the games bc other wise we will go with out a set for a long time