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  1. Emperor

    Guide To Deck Building / Ascension

    Guide to Deck Building After noticing the increase of people joining and wanting to start the game and lack of some sort of "beginners guide", i decided to go about and make one so that all new players have something to refer or be refered too. So you discovered that after 5+ years of...
  2. Emperor

    Xerneas EX rush

    Experience:Veteran Pokemon:14 2 Xerneas EX 2 Mewtwo EX 1 Keldeo EX 3 Xerneas 3-2 Aromatisse 1 Mr.Mime Trainers:34 [list] 4 Professor Juniper 4 N 3 Shauna 1 Skyla 1 Dowsing Machine 4 Ultra Ball 1 Level Ball 2 Tool Scrapper 3 Max Potion 2 Muscle Band 2 Float Stone 3...
  3. Emperor

    Chandelure PF + Techs (BW-On)

    Pokemon:14 4-0-4 Chandelure PF 3 Entei EX 1 Keldeo EX 1 White Kyurem EX (Ice Burn) 1 White Kyurem I/S/S:30 4 Professor Juniper 4 N 3 Corless 3 Skyla 1 Computer Search / Crystal Edge 4 Rare Candy 3 Pokemon Catcher 2 Float Stone 1 Max Potion 4 Ultra Ball 2 Super Rod...
  4. Emperor

    Plasma Kyurem (BW-On)

    Pokemon:13 3 Kyurem PF 1 Landorus (Plasma Promo) 3 Deoxys EX 2-2 Roserade DRX 1 Keldeo EX 1 Lugia EX I/S/S:32 4 Juniper 4 N 3 Corless 2 Skyla 1 Scramble Switch 4 Corless Machine 1 Energy Search 2 Plasma Ball 2 Pokemon Communication 2 Float Stone 1 Silver Bangle 3...
  5. Emperor

    Darkrai EX / Hydreigon (DEX-On)

    Pokemon:14 3-0-3 Hydreigon DRX 3 Sableye DEX 1 Absol PF 3 Darkrai EX 1 Virizion EX I/S/S:34 4 Professor Juniper 3 N 3 Corless 1 Cheren 3 Skyla 1 Dowsing Machine 4 Rare Candy 3 Pokemon Catcher 3 Max Potion 3 Dark Patch 4 Ultra Ball 1 Dark Claw 1 Switch Energy:12 8...
  6. Emperor

    Rayeels (Rayquaza EX + Eels) BW-On

    Pokemon;14 2 Rayquaza EX 1 Raikou EX 1 Tornadus EX 1 Rayquaza 1 Thundurus 4-4 Eelektrik I/S/S:33 4 Juniper 3 Cheren 3 N 1 Skyla 1 Computer Search (ACE SPEC) 4 Ultra Ball 3 Level Ball 3 Pokemon Catcher 2 Eviolite 1 Tool Scrapper 1 Super Rod 4 Switch 1 Skyarrow Bridge...
  7. Emperor

    Garchomp/Altaria BW-On

    Assuming the formst shifts to BW-On next season (i hope) Pokemon:21 4-3-4 Garchomp (Dragon Blade) 3-3 Altaria (Dragon Blade) 3 Emolga (Dragon Blade) T/S/S: 4 Professor Juniper 4 N 3 Cheren 3 Level Ball 2 Ultra Ball 2 Max Potion 4 Rare Candy 4 Pokemon Catcher 1 Super Rod...
  8. Emperor

    Kyurem Rush (Kyurem w/ techs) HGSS-On

    Pokemon:13 4 Kyurem 2 Mewtwo EX 2-2 Floatzel UL 2 Shaymin UL 1 Smeargle T/S/S: 4 Pokemon Collector 3 Professor Juniper 3 N 3 Professor Oak's New Theory 3 Junk Arm 2 Pokemon Communication 3 Exp.Share 4 Super Scoop Up 1 Super Rod 2 Pokemon Catcher 1 Switch 2 Skyarrow Bridge Energy:13 10 {W} 3...
  9. Emperor

    Primal Lock - Aerodactyl GL (Masters/Any event)

    This isn't really a competitive deck, just a fun way of making that horrible common card useful. Pokemon:16 4 Aerodactyl GL 2-1 Luxray GL lvX 2 Crobat G 1 Bronzong G 2-1 Uxie lvX 1 Regice LA 1 Smeargle UD 1 Unown Q T/S/S:34 1 Bebe's Search 2 Aaron's Collection 3 Pokemon...
  10. Emperor

    Ruling T-tar Prime vs Special Metal energy

    Does Tyranitar prime's Power Claw attack negate the effects of any special {M} energy on the defending pokemon so that it will just hit for 60 damage?
  11. Emperor

    Gyarados - Does it have any place in the new format?

    Ok, so a large majority of us remember the great 130 HP beast that is Gyarados SF, with its ability to do 90 for 0 energy, the awesome-ness to look Luxray GL lvX in the eye and say - "Don't evade the censors. - PMJ, i ain't scared of you" and was somewhat successful during CC and Spring BR...
  12. Emperor

    Leafeon vs Metagross Expert Deck views

    A link for those who don't know what i'm talking about Now it's apparent that we'll see hopefully most of these cards in our May set, so this is the place to talk about these cards and how they may affect the metagame, how you can...
  13. Emperor

    Gunz the duel...

    Does anyone on this forum play this game. it quite a good game IMO. it takes up pretty much most of my free time as i'm quite addicted to it. If anyoen does play then tell me your user name and hopefully we can play together Main: (XPhantomX) lv41 - Usually on Atlantic Server 1 Alt...
  14. Emperor

    Ruling Machamp lvX - No Guard

    My question is - If i have Champ lvX out (active) and my opponent has Champ lvX out (active), does this mean each of either players machamps attack do 120 more damage?
  15. Emperor

    Ruling Leafeon RR +Sceptile GE + Dawn stadium

    My question is: If i have Leafeon RR, Sceptile GE and Dawn's stadium out, when i attach a {G} energy to Leafeon RR and use its Body will i heal 50 damage (Leafeon's body heals 20 + another 20 becuase of Sceptiles body + 10 from Dawn's Stadium =50 ?
  16. Emperor

    Ruling Damage Porter

    Ok now my question is- If i were to use Damage Porters attack, would it count as damage or will cards like Unown G and toxicroak G still be able to block it?
  17. Emperor

    Ruling Nidoking BET

    Now my question is when i'm using Nidokings' Giga Horn, if i flip 2 coins and get 1 head would giga horn still work or would the move require me to get at least 2 head flips for the attack to work, because the way the it is written is confusing me.
  18. Emperor

    Ruling Luxray GL lvX & Manectric Pt

    Now if i combine this with manectric Pt, would i be able to do damge to another of my bench pokemon but then use Manectric to make sure they don't get damaged?
  19. Emperor

    Ruling Confused pokemon

    I am quite confused about the rule myself. Lets say i use Dustox Pt and i use its Camflague Scale and the pokemon i'm attacking has a poke power so therefore is confused and burned. Now when the pokémon is confused do they stay confused unless they retreat, or do they stay confused until they...
  20. Emperor

    Ruling Team Galactic's Base

    Team Galactic Base Stadium Whenever either player plays a Pokemon card from his or her hand to Evolve a Pokemon, place 2 damage counters on that Pokemon. does this still apply if either play uses a Lv.X to evolve their pokemon, as Lv.X doen't count as an evolution right?