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  1. corabed


    Pokemon 11 4 Landorus EX 3-0-2 Dusknoir (Any) (BC-#63) 2 Darkrai EX Trainers 35 4 Juniper 3 N 3 Skyla 1 Colress 3 Catcher 4 Hypnotoxic Laser 4 Rare Candy 3 Ultra Ball 2 Heavy Ball 2 Max Potion 2 Switch 2 Float Stone 1 ACE SPEC Computer Search 2 Virbank Energy 11 4 Prism 6 Fighting 4 Dark...
  2. corabed

    Quad Snorlax

    Pokémon~4 4 Snorlax (PS-101/135) Trainers~56 4 Hypnotoxic Laser 4 Pokémon Catcher 4 Revive 4 Plasma Ball 4 Switch 3 Max Potion 2 Tool Scrapper 2 Heavy Ball 3 Rocky Helmet 1 ACE SPEC Rock Guard 4 Juniper 4 Colress 4 Team Plasma Grunt 3 Shadow Triad 2 Ghetsis 2 N 2 Cheren 2 Skyla 2 Virbank...
  3. corabed

    ZebEels (Zebstrika/Eelektrik)

    This is just a deck I'd heard about a while ago and thought I'd have a laugh building it. Thanks for any help :) ~Pokemon-18~ 4-4 Zebstrika (NV--NXD) 4-3 Eelektrik (NV--NV) (Free Retreat Tynamo) 1 Mewtwo EX 2 Tornados EX ~I/S/S-28~ 4 PONT 3 Juniper 2 Bianca 1 Collector 1 Twins 4 Level Ball 3...
  4. corabed

    CaKE (Cobalion/Kyurem/Electrode)

    I will be taking this deck to citys so all criticism is welcome! ~Pokemon-15~ 3 Cobalion (NV #100) 3 Kyurem (NV #34) 3-2 Electrode Prime (TR #95) 2 Terrakion (NV #73) ~T/S/S-29~ 3 N 3 Twins 2 Collector 2 Cheren 1 PONT 3 Junk Arm 3 Communication 3 Eviolite 3 Catcher 2 Switch 2 Dual Ball 2 Super...
  5. corabed


    I was flipping through my folders one day and came across Audino. Rembering the Audino/Emboar idea I had heard of when Black and White came out and having most of the cards I needed spare I decided to build it: ~POKEMON-21~ 4 Audino (EP 83/98) 3-2-2 Emboar (Ability) (BW 20/98) 2-2 Ninetales...
  6. corabed

    ScizorRom (Scizor Prime/Zekrom)

    This is my friends deck which he asked to be put on here, he appreciates any help! ~Pokemon-19~ 4 Zekrom 2-2 Scizor Prime 2-2-2 Klinklang 3 Pidgey 2 Tyrouge ~T/S/S-21~ 4 Switch 4 Revive 4 Energy Retrieval 3 Catcher 2 Juniper 2 PONT 2 Cheerleaders Cheer ~Energy-18~ 9...
  7. corabed

    Ruling Tornados

    If you have a Tornados without any basic energy on it, but enough energy to use Hurricane (eg. DCE+Rainbow), can you still use Hurricane?
  8. corabed

    3DS Wifi problem

    I've been having a problem with my 3DS WiFi at connection so any help is greatly appreciated! When I search for an access point on my 3DS no usable points come up, they all hane 0 or 1 bars of connection, however when I search on my phone I am able to connect... Can anyone help me?
  9. corabed

    Community Ideas for New Pokemon

    Any ideas for new pokemon? Post them here!
  10. corabed

    Fact of the Week

    Beacuse lots of people are doing 'song of the week's I decided to do 'Fact of the Week'. Every Sunday I will put an intresting/strange fact that you guys can discuss. Without further ado: 1. Grasshoppers hear through their knees! ((If you have any facts please PM them to me.))
  11. corabed

    A little rogue: Pidgeot/Ampharos

    This is just a rogue deck I built to see if it had potential, and I think it does! ~Pokemon-25~ 4-3-4 Pidgeot (TM/COL) 3-2-3 Ampharos Prime (HGSS) 1-1 Dodrio (UD) 1 Smoochum 1 Boufalont [Revenge] (BW) ~T/S/S-25~ 4 PETM (Professor Elms...) 3 Pokemon Collector 2 PONT 4 Rare Candy...
  12. corabed

    Jumpluff: A rebirth

    Who remembers back before rotation?* Back when SP ruled the roost? Back when ‘the fastest deck wins’? I remember back then… back then people said that Jumpluff was dead. People said Jumpluff just was not good enough to keep up with the other decks. Only a small hardcore group of people...
  13. corabed

    How do you use a spread deck?

    I think this is the right place to ask this question... Anyway, I decided to build a Kyurem-Gater spread deck to see if it would be a viable deck once Kyurem has come out, but it never seemed to work for me. It's not the list thats the problem I think it's just me not being able to use...
  14. corabed

    Zekrom Donk (Zekrom, Pachirisu, Shaymin) HGSS ON

    Heres my Zekrom Donk (or ZPS) list. Theres another Zekrom at my league that is supposedly better so I need some help making mine the better of the two. Thanks! (Number 2 of 8 of my HG/SS ON lists) ~Pokemon-10~ 4 Zekrom 3 Pachirisu 3 Shaymin ~T/S/S-28~ 4 Seeker 4 Prof. Oaks... 4 Dual...
  15. corabed

    EmZone (Magnezone Prime/Emboar) HGSS on

    Here is number 1 of 8 of my HG/SS lists: ~Pokemon-17~ 3-3-3 Magnezone Prime (TR) 2-2-2 Emboar (BW)(Inferno Fandango) Tepig:15/114 Pignite:#17/114 2 Reshiram (BW) 1-1 Dodrio (UD) ~T/S/S-23~ 4 Rare Candy 3 Professor Elms... 2 Interviewers Questions 2 Judge 2 PONT 2 Pokemon...
  16. corabed

    Sabldonk (Sableye)

    Heres my Sabledonk list. Suggestions needed!!!! ~~Pokemon-17~~ 4-Sableye (St.)(48/100) 4-Uxie (LA)(43/146) 4-Crobat G (Pl)(47/127) 4-Unown R (Retire)(LA)(77/146) 1- Unown Q (Quick)(MD)(49/100) ~~T/S/S-40~~ 4-Expert Belt 4-Junk Arm 4-Super Scoop Up 4-PokeBlower 4-PokeDrawer...
  17. corabed

    Immunity (Celebi Prime & Mewtwo LvX)

    Here is my 'Immunity' deck. I'm very suprised no-one has noticed or used it. I haven't found any problems with it yet but if you have any suggestions to make it faster etc please reply. ~Pokemon-18~ 2-2 Mewtwo X (MD) 4 Celebi Prime (TR) 2-2 Vespiquen (UD) 1-1 Landmin X (Both Plat.) 4...
  18. corabed

    Inflosion (Infernape/Typhlosion)

    This is just a league deck, but help is very much needed to make this faster. Thanks:) ~Pokemon-24~ 3-3-3 Infernape (MD) 4-4-4 Typhlosion Prime (HGSS) 3 Spiritomb ~T/S/S-21~ 3x Moo-Moo Milk 3x Rare Candy 3x Energy Search 3x Professor Elm's Training Method 3x Bebe's Search 4x...
  19. corabed

    Jumpluff (Help)

    I need some help with my Jumpluff list. Can you turn it into 'Speedpluff' ~Pokemon-19~ 4-3-4 Jumpluff (HG/SS) (6/123) 1 Pichu (HG/SS) (28/123) 2-2 Sunflora (HG/SS) (31/123) 2 Uxie (LA) (43/146) 1 Azelf ~T/S/S-35~ 4 Bebes Search 3 Expert Belt 4 Rare Candy 2 BTS 2 warp point 1...
  20. corabed

    Jumpluff (jumpluff)

    Here is my Jumpluff decklist. Can you help change it to 'speedpluff'? ~Pokemon-22~ 4-4-4 Jumpluff (HGSS) 6/123 2 Pichu (HGSS) 28/123 2-2 Sunflora (HGSS) 1-1 Vespiquen (UD) 33/90 1-1 Shaymin X (Platinum) 38/127-126/127 ~T/S/S-28~ 4 Expert Belt 4 Broken Time-Space 4 Rare Candy 2...