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    Energy annoyance/shutdown Gothitelle, Krookodile & Crushing Hammer.

    SO my question is, is this a Valid Strategy? BTW I'm counting Cards from Black & White Base Set and Up^ so no HS sets... And possibly: So I'm thinking, interrupt the energy flow of your opponent and do damage at the same time, just a basic thought as its been a while since I...
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    Pokemon Check out this Cool New Concept for the Next Gen! Esepibe is a pokemon fan artist and my friend on DevArt well he came up with this awesome concept for Pokemon and i thought u guys should see this: All copyrights go to Esepibe Your image is...
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    Pokemon This is another Pokemon is dead, Is it really?

    I don't think so...i have these weirdos in my class that keep hassling me on Proof as to wether or not Pokemon is truly dead, and they want statistics on American Teenagers... I need some help to put this arguement to rest plz help...i need stories and proof...
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    Writing a Rosoario + Vampire fan-fic. Also on &

    Well this my entry for my school's fanfic competition this is only half of it as there are chapters...if you want for me to post the second chapter please click on yess in the poll^_^okay? its based on an anime that i first watched at my anime club and have been hooked on ever since. Its...
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    HAPPY International Day of the NINJA!!!

    TODAY Wed,Dec 5th is International Day Of the NInja, trust me it is look it up i swear;) So all u Ninja, Shinobi and Kunoichi Got out and throw a shuriken,attempt a jutsu and go kill somethin!!!!!!! WOOT, Dattebayo!!!!!!! Ninjas RULE!!!!! And Naruto is the absolute #1 hyperactive,knucklehead...
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    Dinosaur King

    Its a pretty good game/show its called Kodai Ouja Kyouryuu King(Ancient Ruler Dinosaur King) in Japan,if u gonna watch, watch Japanese,waaaay better than the dumb English DUB... they've combined Jurassic Park & Yu-gi-oh...Veronica Taylor voices the main...he's kinda like Ash. u can watch the...
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    Official Tobi discussion!!!

    Post here if ur a Tobi fan Tobi is a good boy Rules of thread: 1. always talk in 3rd person when posting here. 2. always state that u r a good boy/girl when u post. okay, 1st order of buisness look here for great Tobi/Naruto stuff: also every...
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    What other Fan Sites do u guys visit when u're not on pokebeach???

    I spend a lot of my time elsewhere as well, here's my list with links: narutoisland -> i go there to read the manga, and watch the anime. bzpower -> U can hold it against me, but i'm a Bionicle Fan too. serebii -> What can i say, they have a good database... pe2k -> I dunno why...
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    Who's ur favorite Akatsuki Member???(From Naruto)

    Well for those of u who watch Naruto and Naruto Shippuden, u no the main villanous group know as the Akatsuki, who goal is to rule the world, and in order to they must first collect all the Nine Tailed Beasts, one being Kyuubi, or the Nine-Tailed Fox which resides in side Naruto. So which one...
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    What's ur Fav TR disguise???

    Well tell me What Team Rocket Disguise is the best IYO
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    "Paleow, Land of the Ancients" RR77's first fan fic and sister thread to Pokémon A & T

    This is the Sister thread to Pokemon Amber & Pokemon Topaz!!! This fic is still in the planning stages, it foolows a character from the begining of their journey to end at the Paleow Colosuem for the Pokemon League Tournement. I'm requesting ideas for characters and plots, any info needed on...
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    Pokemon Amber & Topaz! All movelists will be postponed untill further notice and untill all anime dr

    My old thread about these games was dead, so i decided to repost the topic as i want some new feedback as well aas to contine my ideas, i will also be making a sister thread to this with a fan fic: "Paleow, Land of the Ancients!" In both Pokemon Amber & Topaz: U live in the region of...
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    Pokemon Did u ever notice...a Pokemon-Naruto Conection?

    For all u Naruto fans out there like me, i'm sure that u know what i'm talking about when i say this: Lucario's Focus Blast & Aura Sphere look exactly like Naruto's Rasengan/Spiraling Sphere? Then again it makes sense because chakra and aura are the same thing, physical and spiritual energy...
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    Wi-Fi Trades Rickraptor77's My Player Thread(Joint for ur Point)Official PB D/P Therapist

    Welcome to RR77's player thread! Any Q's plz Ask PB's Official D/P Therapist!!! MY INFORMATION: My Friend Code:3007 4677 6611 AIM/MSN/Yahoo/whatever: none Contact Time: 4:00 pm EST MY HAVES/WANTS POKEMON FOR TRADE==================== Sneasel Lv 34(Brave Nature) Gible Lv 24...
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    Two new Games!!! Pokemon Amber & Topaz + List of Pokemon!!!+Cites/Towns & Gym Leaders!!!

    In both Pokemon Amber & Topaz: U live in the region of Paleow(Pae-Lee-Oh), an ancient land with Swamps,Deserts, Jungles & ice-capped Mountains. There are 8 Towns &  3 Cites, 8 of wich have their own gyms. The Pokemon are Prehistoric, Many of which have been extinct for thousands of years. The...
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    If Naruto Characters could Train Pokemon whichs Pokes would they have???

    well the title explains it all so take ur Picks, so pick a character & post what pokemon he or she would have... 1.Naruto Uzamaki 2.Sakura Haruno 3.Sasuke Uchia 4.Kakashi Hatake 5.Shikamaru Nara 6.Ino Yamanaka 7.Choji Akimichi 8.Hinata Hyuga 9.Kiba Inuzuka 10.Shino Aburame 11.Hinata Hyuga...
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    Pokemon Theme/Storyline for 5TH GEN??? Check out my concepts!!!

    Ok, so we've thought up some name for da 5th GEN, so how a bout a theme/storyline??? EX: Pokemon Daylight & Pokemon Darknight In Daylight is a Pokemon XD for the DS or whatever new system they might have in the future.: Basically a few TR admins have formed a new union & have once againg...
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    Cartoon Network & Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Anime!!! Date of Relese!!! has announced that a sneak peek of the Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl season will be on Cartoon Network, on April 20th. From What Pokemon will Ash add to his team? What friends and rivals will Ash encounter? Find out some of the answers on April 20th, as Ash meets a new...
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    DPTCG, First English scans!!!! MORE to COME!!!

    Discussion for this has been moved to this thread:
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    Ash, is he getting worse as a trainer???

    Not to seem as too much of a hard thinker, and this being one of our favorite characters...but it also might be the story writer's choice, but Ash is really forgetful, he makes ametuer mistakes in a battle and doesn't know any good strategies... His battling skilles seem eratic, like in Home...