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  1. Freezerbern

    Ruling Shaymin EX and Bursting Balloon

    If Shaymin EX (77/108 ROS) attacks a Pokemon with Bursting Balloon attached, and Shaymin will be knocked out by the Bursting Balloon, does the Shaymin return to hand before taking the Bursting Balloon damage, therefore negating it, or does it take the damage before returning to the hand, getting...
  2. Freezerbern

    Discussion Is Giratina EX (AOR) a viable tech in M Sceptile decks?

    Is Giratine EX a viable tech in M Sceptile EX decks? I've done some play testing with it, but it just seems awkward. I was wondering what other people thought about it. I've been using 2 Double Dragon Energy and 1 Giratina.
  3. Freezerbern

    Seismitoad EX / Crawdaunt / Articuno

    Pokemon: 4 Seismitoad EX 3 Corphish PCL 3 Crawdaunt PCL 2 Shaymin EX RSK (Roaring Skies) 2 Articuno (Delta Plus) RSK (Roaring Skies) Trainers/Supporters/Stadiums: 4 Muscle Band 3 Ultra Ball 3 Professor Sycamore 3 N 3 Colress 3 VS Seeker 3 Silent Lab 3 Head Ringer 3 Wally 3 Super Scoop Up...
  4. Freezerbern

    Landobats (Landorus EX / Hawlucha / Crobat)

    Pokemon: 3 Hawlucha FFI 3 Landorus EX 1 Lucario EX 3 Crobat PHF 4 Golbat PHF 4 Zubat PLS Trainers/Supporters/Stadiums: 4 Muscle Band 4 Ultra Ball 3 Professor Sycamore 3 N 3 VS Seeker 3 Fighting Stadium 3 Repeat Ball 3 Colress 2 Lysandre 2 Silver Bangle 1 Lysandre's...
  5. Freezerbern

    Dialga EX / Mewtwo EX / Bronzong/Seismitoad EX

    Pokemon: 3x Dialga EX 3x Bronzong PHF 3x Bronzor PHF 2x Seismitoad EX 2x Cobalion NVI/LTR 2x Mewtwo EX 1x Aegislash EX Trainers/Supporters/Stadiums: 4x Ultra Ball 4x Professor Sycamore 3x Muscle Band 3x Escape Rope 3x N 3x VS Seeker 3x Float Stone 3x Battle Compressor 2x Colress 2x...
  6. Freezerbern

    Aqua's Kyogre / Magma's Groudon

    I feel like it's reasonable to believe they could be good. They have 190 HP, which is 10 higher than all non-mega EX's (Wailord excluded) and if you pair them with Garbodor their abilities get shut off, so you don't have to fill your deck with not-so-good Team Aqua/Magma pokemon.
  7. Freezerbern

    M Aggron EX / Bronzong

    Pokemon: 4 Bronzong PHF 4 Bronzor PHF 3 Aggron EX 3 M Aggron EX 1 Aegislash PHF Trainers/Supporters/Stadiums: 4 Steel Shelter 4 Professor Sycamore 4 Switch 3 Ultra Ball 3 Aggron Spirit Link 3 VS Seeker 3 N 2 Colress 2 Lysandre 2 Battle Compressor Computer Search...
  8. Freezerbern

    Ruling Bronzong Phantom Forces

    Bronzong (PHF) Shield Energy (Primal Clash) The Metal Links ability doesn't explicitly say that the Metal Energy has to specifically be called Metal Energy, but what if it supplies Metal and isn't called a Metal Energy? Could you attach a Shield Energy from your discard pile to a Metal...
  9. Freezerbern

    More Competitive: Kyogre or Groudon?

    So, Primal Kyogre EX and Primal Groudon EX are coming up in Primal Clash as I'm sure you all know. Anyway, I've been debating over which will be more competitive. Does the support that Groudon gets from the FFI set outweigh the Alpha Growth Trait that Kyogre has?
  10. Freezerbern

    League Of Legends

    Anyone heard of league of legends? it's a really fun free multiplayer game. Personally my favorite. If anyone is interested in playing just click this link :D
  11. Freezerbern

    What are the most common decks?

    Which deck did you see most at your battle roads? Mine is still coming up, so what should I expect?
  12. Freezerbern

    Ruling Power connect on multiplication?

    Say you have 1 deoxys ex on the bench and youre using weavile PF. When you use villify, would it do 40 damage per pokemon discarded or would it be 40 plus 30 per discarded? Sorry if this seems a bit noobish, but i guess thats me :D (i mean direct effects only on villify)
  13. Freezerbern

    Death of Keldeo?

    If you've seen the spoilers for megalo cannon (as dubbed in japan) (if you dont know what i mean, just google it) you know grass decks a coming back. I mean, real grass decks. Genesect and Virizion. It's gonna be real trouble for keldeo. So I want your thoughts. Is keldeo finished after...
  14. Freezerbern

    Trades [USA-WW] Freezerbern's Trade Thread! H: Primal Clash, Roaring Skies W: Sceptiles and Trevenants

    Rules: 1. Pokebeach Rules apply 2. Cards should be in Mint/NM condition when shipped 3. I will CYL 4. Feel Free to PM me 5. Lower Trade count sends first Regular EXs: 1 Mewtwo EX LTR 1 Lucario EX FFI 2 Gallade EX ROS 1 Latios EX ROS 1 M Latios EX 2 Rayquaza EX (#75) ROS 2 Thundurus EX ROS Full...
  15. Freezerbern

    Latios EX/DeoxysEX

    Pokemon: 4x Latios EX 4x Deoxys EX 4x Blastoise 2x Wartortle 4x Squirtle Trainers: 3x Cilan 3x Skyla 3x Plasma Ball 2x Ultra Ball 3x Plasma Badge 3x Rare Candy 4x Superior Energy Retrieval Energy: 13x Water 8x Psychic Strategy: Attach Badge to Latios, bench 2-3 Deoxys through plasma ball or...