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  1. Nyan

    Contest November 2021 CaC: Discard Pile (Sign-ups Closed!)

    Thank you Jabber! Very appreciated
  2. Nyan

    Contest August 2021 CaC: Top Cards (Results Are Up!)

    In for image... it's been a hot minute since I've joined one of these but I hope I can manage an idea in time.
  3. Nyan

    TCG Fakes Sun & Moon: Aberrant Echoes

    Yeah, I noticed this a while back, but I decided it wasn't worth it to change it because of how I set up card numbers. There have been Pokemon that break conventional typing rules in the past (see: Fighting Torkoal and Water Lugia) so I just figured I'd leave it be to save myself some...
  4. Nyan

    TCG Fakes Nyan's Fakes: Multiple Sets, Random Cards, All Fun!

    To anyone who still looks here, if you'd like to see my newest stuff, check out this thread:
  5. Nyan

    TCG Fakes Sun & Moon: Aberrant Echoes

    SUN & MOON: ABERRANT ECHOES ______________ Formerly known as GX Armada, Aberrant Echoes is a set I have had in the works for a few years now. Dark times caused by recent tensions have plagued this world... These tensions are escalated even further when mysterious powers begin to awaken within...
  6. Nyan

    Contest January 2021 CaC: New Year, New Type (Results Up!)

    I really wanted an excuse to use this art... lol Without further ado... I present to you all what is probably one of my favorite fakes of all time:
  7. Nyan

    Contest The Fakers' Marathon 3! Final Score: 493 points!

    This will probably be my last entry this year. This was fun!
  8. Nyan

    Contest The Fakers' Marathon 3! Final Score: 493 points!

    Still probably going to post more
  9. Nyan

    Contest The Fakers' Marathon 3! Final Score: 493 points!

    Getting in on this quite late. I have had one heck of a week, and honestly, it's relieving to finally be able to sit back and fake. Hoping to be able to pump out even more before the day is done! I asked in the Discord for someone to give me art to use and @PMJ dropped the original Genesect...
  10. Nyan

    Contest July 2020 CaC: Special Conditions (All Results Up!)

    Sorry for cutting it a little close x.x
  11. Nyan

    Contest PokéPoetry! #11: CYOP (You Choose!)

    Signing up with Silvally!
  12. Nyan

    Contest May 2020 CaC: Space (All Results Up!)

    In for image~