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  1. DragonFang101

    Standard Buzzwole/Weavile (Need Thoughts!!!)

    Going to a Sanctioned tournament after spending some time away from Pokemon. I realize that Buzzwole isn't as competitive as it once was, but I thought it would be cool to work on a deck that intrigued me. This deck was in Bristol Regionals this year: Pokémon (11) 3 Buzzwole-GX CIN 2 Sneasel...
  2. DragonFang101

    Expanded Meta Ready Team Plasma Deck... Need Help!

    Hey guys, I really want your input on this. I've been wanting to make a Team Plasma based deck with cards that can stand up to today's meta, but I'm not entirely sure where to start. Here's my list so far, made with the cards I could immediately find: Pokemon: 10 2 Thundurus EX 3 Lugia EX 4...
  3. DragonFang101

    Event Pokemon Worlds 2018 Decklists!!!

    The decklists you've been waiting for are now on LimitlessTCG! Which one is your favorite? Why? Let me know in the comments!
  4. DragonFang101

    Standard Post Rotation Banette GX

    4 Shuppet 4 Banette GX 3 Tapu Lele GX 1 Latios Promo SM88 1 Mimikyu GRI58 Pokemon: 13 Supporters: 14 4 Cynthia 2 Mallow 3 Guzma 2 Sophocles 1 Lillie 1 Acerola 1 Judge Items/Tools: 25 4 Ultra Ball 4 Mysterious Treasure 3 Max Potion 4 Focus Band 4 Acro Bike 2 Field Blower 1 Rescue Stretcher 3...
  5. DragonFang101

    Pokemon What the News Would Say If Prerelease Cards Were Returned

    How the news would report the return of the stolen Ultra Prism prerelease cards. I know it's a little late, but I hope you enjoy the story Story: "What? It- it seems we have reports of a 10-year old...
  6. DragonFang101

    Standard Silvally/Buzzwole: Is it worth it?

    This deck is becoming increasingly popular at my league, and I thought this idea should be reaching closer to tournament status by now. Silvally GX gives free retreat to Buzzwole, and Turbo Drive really works with Buzzwole's energy-heavy attacks. In theory, this should have success with pretty...
  7. DragonFang101

    Standard Palkia/Abomasnow

    Recently I've been trying to find ways to promote the new Palkia GX, and I wanted to experiment a bit with Abomasnow. Here are the translations if you don't know what I'm talking about: Abomasnow – Water – HP130 Stage 1 – Evolves from Snover Ability: Blessing of the Frost-Covered Trees When you...
  8. DragonFang101

    Pokemon Pokemon BASEBALL CARDS?!?

    Guys, Pokemon has really outdone themselves To me it seems Pokemon is becoming a lot more creative, and making a series of baseball cards because of one episode is pretty cool in my opinion Here's the episode...
  9. DragonFang101

    Ruling Glaceon GX Question

    This would be much easier to answer if the ability block applied to both players, but it doesn't. It applies only to your opponent. So here's my question: If both players had Glaceon GX as their Active, whose abilities would be blocked? In this case, would both players' abilities be blocked...
  10. DragonFang101

    General Remember Bionicle?

    Guys, this might sound stupid, and it seems pretty random, but ever since I found my old LEGO Bionicle sets from 2009-ish in my closet yesterday, I have been constantly reminiscing about how awesome the sets were and how incredible the story lines were in the comics and tv shows. For me...
  11. DragonFang101

    Discussion Gorgeist: The Next Garbodor?

    I could absolutely be wrong about this becoming a viable deck, but I must say I was impressed once I found out what this thing did. At maximum, it could hit 250 damage, which is literally enough to knock out anything. I know Garbodor would make excellent use of this weakness and increase attack...
  12. DragonFang101

    Help Decidueye Comeback With Rare Candy?

    Maybe Decidueye GX could feed in on the RC action that Metagross GX uses in its deck. Do you think it'll make the cut (assuming Garb wasn't a problem)?