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  1. Twyxle

    Forretress ex, Annihilape ex, Bellibolt ex, Mimikyu from “Snow Hazard” and “Clay Burst!”

    Well now we have iono so you COULD use foretress to Iono your opponent to 2 cards, the card has insane potential with Iono/Roxanne.
  2. Twyxle

    Pokemon Judge Receives Lifetime Ban Following Harassment of Transgender Players at Tournament

    I'm ecstatic that Pokémon took action of this case, unfortunately I can still name people that should also be banned who haven't yet, but hopefully this is a start in the right direction for the company.
  3. Twyxle

    Galaxy Holofoil and Galaxy Borders Returning to “Scarlet & Violet” Promos!

    I thought lvX cards had galaxy foil as well
  4. Twyxle

    Clodsire ex, Dedenne ex, Ghetsis, and More from “Triplet Beat!”

    There's been consistant decks in various formats that play only around 25-30 trainers due to playing Stage 2s. GardeSwampert and A few ZoroGX builds like DeciTales ring a bell. Garde ex LITERALLY has a built in draw engine. Boss Existing? Good, Serena can only gust V Pokémon so it makes sense...
  5. Twyxle

    Pokemon Players Concerned as Tournament Registration Fees Hit Nearly $70

    Mtg Standard you can build a viable deck for 150ish, yugioh is about to join the group chat with their 3 of 30 dollar staple and more, most decks reaching a grand while not having a rotation at all, oh and if you buy the expensive deck it will either get powercrept or banned within 6 months
  6. Twyxle

    Pidgeot V, Thorton from ‘Lost Abyss’!

    Pidgeot V - it only shuffles itself, it seems iffy and the attack stinks, can prevent you from decking out but doesnt have enough HP to stall. 2/5 But thorton... the thrill of getting to swap a wailord v i charge with arceus into a reshiram amazing rare or chargin the regis to set up amazing...
  7. Twyxle

    Arceus VSTAR / Bibarel and What the Meta Calls For — Flying Pikachu VMAX

    Blissey lost in the Milwaukee finals to arceus duraludon, other than that great article, Flying Pika has a really strong MU spread thanks to max balloon, its a very underrated card.