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    Standard Lava Slugs (Magcargo GX)

    The Mina works if you do 5 fairy energy to go along with 3 Minas. I play it online and do well with it.
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    Standard Lava Slugs (Magcargo GX)

    I have been having fun with this deck as well, but I use 12 fire energy and 5 fairy energy and play 3 Mina supporters. The key to the deck is to get two Slugmas set up on turn 1 and evolve one to baby Magcargo and the other to Magcargo GX on turn 2. If you get 1 fire energy on Slugma turn one...
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    News Pokémon Changing How Reprints Are Printed, Likely No 'Best of XY' Set

    So....with Shaymin Ex going away, will the value of the cards go up or down?
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    Standard Typhlosion/Talonflame (2017 Rotation)

    I have read the above comments and recommendations. I think both points are valid. However we usually win the most matches when we use 3 TalonFlame, 4 Cyndaquil, 2 Quilava, and 4 Typhlosion in our deck. Win percentage goes up more when you start with the TalonFlame and don't get "N" ed by your...
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    Discussion Absol gaurdians rising ruleing

    Absol -Basic Pokemon [D] Future Sight: Look at the top 4 cards of either player’s deck and put them back in any order. [D][C] Doom News: Put all Energy attached to this Pokemon into your hand. At the end of your opponent’s next turn, the Defending Pokemon will be Knocked Out. Weakness...
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    News Japan's SM3 Sets for the 20th Movie Feature Ho-Oh and Necrozma!

    You can pick up the Tapu Koko with Super scoop up and, if you have a Clemont supporter from Generations in hand, play that and get all the energy back on Tapu Koko.
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    Standard Typhlosion/Talonflame (2017 Rotation)

    My 10 yr old son loves to play this deck at the local tournament in our town. Usually only 6-10 people play there every Sunday. I think it will still do well for him when Guardians is released too.
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    Discussion The worst XY set?

    Yes, Phantom Forces had great trainers too (vs seeker, Battle compressor, trick coin, head ringer).
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    Standard Typhlosion/Talonflame (2017 Rotation)

    I played the Typhlosion/TalonFlame deck 5 times last night and won 4 and lost 1. I only started with Talon Flame once though. I was 3 and 2 with my Typhlosion/Ninetales Ex deck. I think I like the Talon Flame/Typhlosion better because the chance to start with TaloneFlame gives you that extra...
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    Discussion The worst XY set?

    I agree about Evolutions not being a favorite of mine. However, I do like the FA Misty's Determination and play it in a couple of my decks. My favorite set for trainers is definitely Break Point. Max Potion, Max Elixir, Fighting Fury Belt, and Bursting Balloons.
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    Standard Red Card/Delinquent

    I have a fun expanded deck I play online that uses the following strategy: Flygon from Primal Clash with 6 or 7 stadium cards and 4 Delinquents and 4 vs seekers. Don't need red cards because you can always make opponent have 4 cards. in their hand with Flygon's ability. Hit them with Delinquent...
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    Standard Typhlosion/Talonflame (2017 Rotation)

    I like all the modifications to decks that people have been mentioning. I will leave my deck as stated above except I will take out the 2 Ninetales Exs, and 1 fire energy and add 3 Talonflames. I'll try 5 battles online with my original Typhlosion deck (Ninetales Ex) and 5 with the modified...
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    Standard Typhlosion/Talonflame (2017 Rotation)

    I use a Typhlosion deck online and in tournaments that uses the following: 2-Ninetales EX 4- Typhlosion 2-Quilava 4-Cyndaquil 4-rare candy 1-super rod 3 energy recyclers 1-evosoda 1-vs seeker 1-max potion 1-ultra ball 1-level ball 2-heavy balls 3-Skyla 2-Brigette 1-Judge 1-Misty Determination...
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    News 'Roaring Skies' Getting Another Print Run!

    Just to let you guys know...I just opened a pack of Roaring Skies from my local hobby store and got a Shaymin Ex out of just 3 packs. So it is definitely obtainable in the new release boxes. They just got the boxes in, so I know it is from the reprint boxes.