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    Dudunsparce, Sableye from “Wild Force” and “Cyber Judge”

    Double Turbo energy has entered the chat: Hi Sableye!
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    Special Pokemon TCG English Set Releasing in January, Likely Featuring Shiny Pokemon!

    There will be TWO shiny charizard exs in this set. Double the charizards, Double Fates coming soon.
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    Japanese Police Arrest Suspect for Selling Counterfeit Pokemon Cards Online

    As Representative Director, Shigeru Miyamoto, I will be sending a cease and desist letter to this person. Thank you. Please buy the new Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC expansions.
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    “Pokemon Trade and Play Event” at GameStop On October 7th!

    Van Gogh scalpers already setup camp outside the GameStops
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    Announcing the PokeBeach YouTube Podcast: A Weekly Pokemon TCG News Roundup!

    Yes. Among Us is on the Nintendo Switch.
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    Announcing the PokeBeach YouTube Podcast: A Weekly Pokemon TCG News Roundup!

    As Nintendo Representative, Shigeru Miyamoto, we will send you a cease and desist letter in the mail. As per Nintendo guidelines. Please buy our remade games for full price. Thank you.
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    “Path to the Peak” TCG Show Announced!

    I, Shigeru Miyamoto, must apologize. I believed the western animation studio would produce something relatable and entertaining for the core TCG audience both young and old. Instead they created one of the least relatable protagonist that's relatable to about what, less than 3% of the overall...
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    Cycling Road from ‘Pokemon Card 151’!

    Nintedo forgot my message about Cycling Road being slanted and not flat.
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    Kabutops, Omastar, Old Dome Fossil from “Pokemon Card 151!”

    Dang. Hoping the new fossils would add to the item pokemon who don't give up prizes. I can see why though, it would create some shenanigans in expanded if too many were made.
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    More Classic Cards Revealed from “Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic” Box Set!

    At least it'd be different and give us some of that sweet artwork that hasn't been touched in almost 2 decades.
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    “Obsidian Flames,” August’s English Set!

    Maybe because people are sick of seeing 'zard' every other set. I get it, it's popular. At least give some other pokemon a real time to shine. It's kinda sad how Pokemon TCG has evolved into every set NEEDING a 'chase' card. Otherwise a vast majority see it as a 'bad set'. Scarlet & Violet Base...
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    “Obsidian Flames,” August’s English Set!

    Hooray ANOTHER charizard :rolleyes:
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    Large Pokemon Factory Theft Comes to Light, But Probably Didn’t Impact Fans

    Am I the only one who thinks it's cringe when sportsball card terminology has leaked into Pokemon? Hits? Really? God that sounds so dumb. OH MY GOD I GOT A HIT. CHARIZARD!!! Ugh... Just call it what it really is, you pulled a secret. Sounds a lot less boomery.
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    “Ruler of the Black Flame” to Feature Dark-Type Charizard, Plus Upcoming Release Dates!

    Not even the end of March yet and this is what, the 6th Charizard this year?
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    Second “Scarlet & Violet” Set Releasing Later Than Usual, Upcoming English Products!

    Something something related to fire so they can shove Charizard ex into it
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    “Pokemon Card 151” Set Announced for June, New “ex Starter Decks” in July!

    Around 3 years is ample time? Ever since a certain toxic youtuber made a video about 'cracking a zard', it's been printed in just about every other set. Before then Charizard was maybe printed like once or twice a year. We've gotten what, around 40 Charizards printed within the last 3 years? I...
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    “Pokemon Card 151” Set Announced for June, New “ex Starter Decks” in July!

    I'm not the one printing a Charizard every other set
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    “Pokemon Card 151” Set Announced for June, New “ex Starter Decks” in July!

    Wow didn't even make it to the second set before they pumped out a Charizard ex...