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  1. Caleby6226

    Strategy Help With Team?

    Hey everyone. I have been playing Pokemon Sun for a while now and just started wanting to get serious on my battling. I already have a perfect IV ditto thanks to the kindness of Yakkov, but now I need to discover what my team should consist of. I have some ideas but I would love to hear all of...
  2. Caleby6226

    Wi-Fi Trades 6 IV Ditto Giveaway!

    Also, Ive noticed you do alot of free giveaways. Thank you sooo much. It is a great service you are providing. I would like to redeem some of those. Which ones are you still actively doing? Btw, my friend code for these trades: 1951-0451-1595 IGN: Caleb Thanks again
  3. Caleby6226

    Wi-Fi Trades 6 IV Ditto Giveaway!

    Thank you soooo much, been trying to breed the hard way. this will make it so easier. Thanks again.
  4. Caleby6226

    Wi-Fi Trades 6 IV Ditto Giveaway!

    Hi, could I have a ditto. I am not sure of which nature so I wont ask for any specific one. I deposited a Mudbray lv. 11. It is Male and is named KC-Yakkov. Please pick it up before someone snipes it XD.