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    20+ “Stellar Crown” English Cards Debut, Set Will Include Bulbasaur and Squirtle Illustration Rares!

    I really love that Rapidash artwork. Those colors are just gorgeous! :)
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    Creatures Disqualifies Six Entries from 2024’s PTCG Illustrator Contest, Adds Six New Artists!

    I'm glad they got rid of the AI arts. You can't submit an artwork without having done any actual work on it. It's just lazy. The people who actually drew and worked on their creations deserve to be in the contest.
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    More English “Shrouded Fable” Cards Revealed, Including Illustration Rares!

    The Iron Moth and Cresselia artworks are actually really pretty. I'd definitely go after those cards. Kyurem is also really cool. :)
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    Creatures’s Textless Pokemon TCG Illustrations for June!

    I really love the earthy tones of color in the Cornerstone Ogerpon card. Very warm and natural. :)
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    Raging Bolt, Iron Boulder from Stellar Miracle!

    I absolutely love the artworks on both of these. I have Iron Boulder ex, which actually means a lot to me, because the Terrakion EX from Dragons Exalted was the first EX card I've ever seen in person. I do also have Raging Bolt ex, which is really cool, as well. :)
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    New “Paradox Destinies Tins” Releasing in September!

    All of these look really good! There's just something about tin promos that always strike my fancy. 😊
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    Antique Cover Fossil, Carracosta from Stellar Miracle!

    These artworks are actually really pretty. Glad they brought this Pokemon back. :)
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    “Pokemon TCG: Holiday Calendar” 2024 Revealed for August!

    That's the Tera form of Eiscue. They might release an exclusive Ice-Type version of it, since it's a holiday product. I do agree that it would be weird for them to include the Tera form.
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    All 101 “Mask of Change” Main Set Cards Revealed!

    So many of these cards look very pretty! Some of my favorites are Volbeat and Illumise, Chandelure, Glimmora, Glalie, Cornerstone Ogerpon ex, and of course, the one that sparks memories for me, Scoop-Up Cyclone. I'd love to pull any one of these, and be happy with just that. :)
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    Snorunt, Glalie, and Froslass from “Mask of Change”

    I really like the artwork for Glalie. Very pretty! :)
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    “Crimson Haze” Secret Rares Revealed!

    I guess you're right! I was about to mention Gardenia, because I thought for some reason that she was an Elite Four member, but I was wrong. I also thought that Flint and Volkner got a full art card at some point, but I was wrong about that, as well. ?‍♂️
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    “Paldean Fates” Guide: Card List, Secret Rares, Cut Cards, Products, and More!

    I was worried that there would eventually be a set with more secret cards than the actual set itself. In my eyes, they really aren't "secret" anymore if they're so easy to get. It's a really cool set, though.
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    Walking Wake ex, Iron Leaves ex, and More Revealed from “Wild Force” and “Cyber Judge!”

    It makes me so excited that they're bringing back Ace Spec cards! If I can recall correctly, my first ever Ultra Rare pull was an Ace Spec card. :)
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    Golisopod ex, Jirachi, Mela, TM Turbo Energize from “Paradox Rift” Revealed!

    I know. They've made a bunch of mythical Pokemon just commons and uncommons, when they should stay rare like Legendary Pokemon are.
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    Van Gogh Museum Cancels Pikachu Promo Distribution!

    Scalpers have absolutely ruined the experience for people that earn it. I hated to see that the moment the Felt Hat Pikachu was released, it was gone. It's these people that only care about money, greedy people that don't want people to have fun and have a keepsake. I'll say that if people want...
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    TPCi Announces All Van Gogh Pokemon Products Sold Out

    This whole idea of the Van Gogh museum and Pokemon teaming up is great to think about. Pokemon has come up with some of the most beautiful artworks for their cards. But when I heard that these people got to all the products available, I wasn't angry...I was just not surprised. What happened to...