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    Dachsbun ex, Galvantula ex, and New Illustration Rares Revealed from “Stellar Miracle!”

    already sick of the weird choices for AR's, we got pawmi and pawmot but no pawmo. Tinkatink, tinkatuff, but no tinkaton etc. Along with the pokedex making no sense (walking wake being like 7 ahead of gouging fire and raging bolt) it's just ridiculous
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    PokeBeach Podcast: “The Glory of Team Rocket” and “Stellar Crown” Sets Coming!

    rocket's eternatus?! that would be insane lol
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    Illustration Rare Tapu Bulu, Full Art Kingdra ex from “Night Wanderer”

    2? Which other one was shown and from what set?
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    “Shiny Treasure ex” Secret Rares Revealed: 170 Cards!

    hyper rares are also known as rainbow rares
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    New Official Photos of Upcoming “151” Products!

    are you including reverse holos?
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    “Pokemon TCG: Holiday Calendar” 2023 Promos Revealed, Feature Glaceon VMAX and Galaxy Foils!

    the gall to release specialty boxes with nothing but absolute garbage..
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    All 33 “Ruler of the Black Flame” Secret Rares!

    another easy pass, good lord this is abysmal
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    Full Art Eiscue ex from “Ruler of the Black Flame!”

    another pos that's gonna get our hopes up when we see the border only to extremely disappoint when we find it's this garbage
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    “Oinkologne ex Box” in September!

    jesus no one cares about this or lechonk yet they wont stop shilling
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    First “Obsidian Flames” Card Images Revealed!

    yet anotherrrr set that's an EASY pass, looks like 151 is the only thing i'm spending money on this year
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    Squirtle Promo with Pokemon Center “151” Preorders

    what about preorders we made before this was announced?
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    “Paldea Evolved” English Set List, Products, Promos, Cut Cards, and Card Images!

    once again my wallet is thankful, straight garbageeee
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    “Paldea Evolved” Ultra PRO Portfolios Revealed!

    who actually uses these POS binders?
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    Venusaur ex, Charizard ex, Blastoise ex, and More Revealed from “Pokemon Card 151!”

    no mewtwo? hopefully the secret rares are better, the big 3 look super underwhelming
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    First “Paldea Evolved” Card Images Revealed!

    yet another easy pass, such a terrible gen..bring on the 151 set, my nostalgia is readyyy
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    More Classic Cards Revealed from “Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic” Box Set!

    Is this the 151 set or yet another specialty set?