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    “Pokemon Card 151” Secret Rare Cards Revealed — God Packs Confirmed!

    Wish I could like this set, but I can't stand the illustration rares... Many of the Pok'emon seem too insignificant in the illustrations because too much space is given to unnecessary parts of the environment (e.g., for the Psyduck, which is awful). I feel as though this is why the frames are so...
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    TCG Fakes Neo Destiny Revival

    I was a huge fan of the Gym Leader sets, so it was annoying that the Johto Gym Leaders didn't get any love.
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    TCG Fakes Neo Redux: A Triumphant Return? (Image Based) // Gee, you're big.

    I have been collaborating with a few people to make a Johto version of the old Gym Leader sets using the style and formatting of the Neo series. I've looked over many of the pages here, but not all of them (there are too many, lol!). How have your Gym Leader ones been coming along? I used some...
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    TCG Fakes Faking Resources and Help - How to Make Your Own Pokemon Cards!

    I was wondering what the most appropriate transparency level is when printing cards reminiscent of the old Neo era ones would be... Would you guys say 25%? I plan to have a friend print a few for me, and I am hoping to avoid making a low-quality batch. Any suggestions, kind people?