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  1. Shining Goodra

    Pokemon Center Now Offering “Pikachu with Grey Felt Hat” Promo!

    The scalpers and their Venezuelan buying bots have a choke hold on this community and hobby. The inevitable loop hole of selling your soul to make money and elude the IRS payments. Scalpers are scum.
  2. Shining Goodra

    TPCi Has Been Expanding Number of Pokemon TCG Vending Machines in U.S.

    Actually an official retailer such as Walmart holds it at suggested retail. As I said, the vendors sell the products to the retailers for well below retail because they buy in large quantities. Their profit margins come from that purchase at a lower rate to what the retail price is. If it's any...
  3. Shining Goodra

    TPCi Has Been Expanding Number of Pokemon TCG Vending Machines in U.S.

    The actual vendors themselves sell the product to the shops for lower than retail. The shops make the actual prices after that. So if it's increased its 100% on the shop for wanting to scalp it up.
  4. Shining Goodra

    Simisage, Simisear, and Simipour from “Ancient Roar” and “Future Flash”

    Not every card needs to be meta defining. If TPCI could make the majority of the sets have some type of playable synergy as this then it would open up the game to so many more people imo, casuals would have a lot more to chew on. The majority of a set is filler with absolutely no use, having...
  5. Shining Goodra

    PokeBeach Podcast: Van Gogh Collaboration is Disaster for Pokemon Fans

    Take in to account that scalpers use programs that order for them from multiple accounts and any real collector ordering as themselves isn't going to have a shot. You ever wondered how items like this sell out so fast? Now you know. Scalpers use bots.
  6. Shining Goodra

    New Version of “Heavy Hitters Premium Collection” at Sam’s Club

    I feel like the packs inside the box are weighed, or atleast taken from piles that are less likely to have a hit (boxes that already have hit) I've seen several of these opened and have opened one myself and the hits are close to non existent. With this many packs you'd expect to have a fair...
  7. Shining Goodra

    TPCi Announces All Van Gogh Pokemon Products Sold Out

    Parasitic scalpers are ruining the hobby for collectors. The only thing that will change this is if people lost interest in Pokemon or simply refused to buy, which will eventually happen (it always does). The auto market is a wreck because people caught on to the dealerships (whom are...
  8. Shining Goodra

    Special Illustration Rare Rika from “Raging Surf!”

    That Cycle Lizard will be mine. I love the art style of cards like this.
  9. Shining Goodra

    Van Gogh Pokemon TCG Promo Cards May Be Coming!

    All for scalpers to eat it up.
  10. Shining Goodra

    After Some Doubt, Espeon and Umbreon Store Promos Now Available!

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand Pablo SirChunko has taken every copy. They'll be on his WhatNot shortly. His intro is him screaming Hey, its yur boi!
  11. Shining Goodra

    Pokemon Worlds 2024 in Honolulu, Hawaii!

    I guess that's why everyone ran to FL during Covid. People move to FL by the droves every day. I wish the political weight was kept away from Pokémon, especially when events are held in states that are far worse and nobody bats an eye.
  12. Shining Goodra

    Pokemon Worlds 2024 in Honolulu, Hawaii!

    Another FL worlds would be nice eventually, go back to where it all started. It's a missed opportunity imo, the 20th anniversary of the world championship series should go back to where it started.
  13. Shining Goodra

    “Play! Pokemon Prize Pack Series Three” Features Galaxy Holos, Including Energy!

    Inb4 What-not streamers rack up their fake leagues and sell these by the hundreds.
  14. Shining Goodra

    Espeon and Umbreon Promos at Gamestop and Best Buy!

    I can hear the scalpers climbing from the mountains of Mordor.
  15. Shining Goodra

    2024 Championship Season: Point Requirement Raised, Regionals Announced!

    I've had this experience before, I travel for work and stumbled across a LC, it felt like I was walking into the great unknown. All the looks I got, the only genuine nice conversations I had were from female players. The guys didn't have such good vibes and once the games were over I heard...
  16. Shining Goodra

    McDonald’s 2023 Pokemon TCG Promotion Starts in August: First Cards Revealed!

    Scalpers lifting up their bodies from the basement couch like the Undertaker.
  17. Shining Goodra

    Ninetales Illustration Rare from “Ruler of the Black Flame!”

    Beautiful but bad card... if only it could attack every turn...or at least give it free retreat for combos.
  18. Shining Goodra

    New “Knock Out Collection” Featuring Mythical Pokemon!

    Maybe they'll eventually bring back expanded format, and stuff like this would make sense....
  19. Shining Goodra

    Houndoom, Houndour from “Ruler of the Black Flame!”

    It couldn't be 50+90 and 140 DCC could it? That would've given it utility vs Mew Vmax with Choice Belt equipped and or Murder Garde Gloves vs Gardevoir.... Lechonk sigh*