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  1. Tapu Lele

    Pokemon TCG Live’s First Year of Stats Released, Less Than 3% Usage Compared to Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel

    just port the game to Roblox and see an easy 5x, 20x growth :))))))))
  2. Tapu Lele

    “Stellar Miracle” Pokemon TCG Set Featuring Terapagos ex Revealed!

    mega rayquaza, you're drunk, go home
  3. Tapu Lele

    Full Art Janine’s Secret Technique from “Night Wanderer” Revealed!

    giving splatoon idols a run for their money
  4. Tapu Lele

    DeNA Developing “Pokemon TCG Pocket” Under Rebranded Pokemon Subsidiary with 50 Million Yen Capital

    ONLY 50 MILLION YEN?!? That's enough for like, 5 dedicated developers in an annual scope...
  5. Tapu Lele

    “Pokemon TCG Pocket” Immersive Collecting App Coming in 2024!

    now you get to buy and purchase me, in 3D!
  6. Tapu Lele

    PokeBeach Turns 20 Years Old!

    the happy meal
  7. Tapu Lele

    “Pokemon Sleep” Preregistration Opens, New Details Revealed Ahead of July Launch

    can't wait to be grinding sleep for my dailies
  8. Tapu Lele

    “My First Battle” Mini Decks Releasing in September!

    Kids in this age group want the biggest pokemon with the most HP and shiniest art and biggest attack cost and super high damage. You gave them a poliwag.
  9. Tapu Lele

    TPCi Announces Sweepstakes To Win Every “Sword & Shield” Booster Box!

    Is this how they get rid of bulk?
  10. Tapu Lele

    “Clay Burst” Made-to-Order Booster Boxes Announced for Pokemon Center Website!

    They haven't had an issue that sparked this media attention*. This has been ongoing. I went to Japan about a month ago. It was impossible to buy official packs of any set. Only place I could find them was in an official pokemon vending machine in the ikebukuro station, but the line was about 20...
  11. Tapu Lele

    “Raging Surf” Now Releasing in September with Tera Mewtwo ex and Tera Skeledirge ex Decks!

    I wonder if this has anything to do with the unavailability of cards all over japan... (Without preordering stuff far in advance or winning a lottery, getting a single pack anywhere is nearly impossible. Official TCG pack vending machine in ikebukuro station was like 20 people long too. The...
  12. Tapu Lele

    New “Scarlet & Violet” Wording for Switching Pokemon

    I love how this solves confusing scenarios like Prima Groudon EX by referring to the "spot" instead of the "Active Pokemon" However, the Japanese still uses the term ”バトルポケモン" = "Battle Pokemon" = "Active Pokemon"... so I wonder what sparked the change...
  13. Tapu Lele

    Sableye from ‘Triplet Beat’!

    alternate solution
  14. Tapu Lele

    Pokemon Players Concerned as Tournament Registration Fees Hit Nearly $70

    I can't believe it! Pokemon has never been an expensive game! *hides*
  15. Tapu Lele

    “Pokemon ex” Return, New “Scarlet & Violet” TCG Cards Revealed at Worlds!

    imagine what this does to the unlimited format
  16. Tapu Lele

    Radiant Tsareena from “Incandescent Arcana!”

    water box flashbacks