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    Antique Cover Fossil, Carracosta from Stellar Miracle!

    It is a water type, so can cheat it with Kingdra ex
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    “Ruler of the Black Flame” Officially Announced for Japan!

    I mean, as a tech in water decks, could come in useful if big steel or grass decks make a return
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    ‘Paldea Evolved’ Prerelease Promos Listed!

    It's more, Bax was obvious as the big name in the Chien-Pao archetype, and until the theme decks drop. Also, they release after Paldea Evolved becomes legal, and people will be wanting playsets fairly quickly.
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    ‘Paldea Evolved’ Prerelease Promos Listed!

    I'm really surprised they didn't do Luxray. Bax was obvious, and I'd have thought Flamigo would be the Wings of Union rep...
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    “Pokemon Card 151” Set Officially Revealed, Kadabra Returns to the TCG!

    Excuse me! Attacking from the bench! That's awesome XD
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    Art Rares Return to “Scarlet ex & Violet ex!”

    Wow...these are amazing. The ralts line tools awesome and the riolu is adorable!
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    2022 Illustration Contest Promos To Be Distributed in English Via Pokemon Centers!

    Doesn't that make the bulbasaur the best basic bulbasaur for venu lines? Defo the best bulbasaur for venu in GLC
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    “VSTAR Universe” Set Officially Revealed, Features New Art Rares!

    Holy... Those arts are gorgeous
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    Luxray Line from ‘Paradigm Trigger’!

    Most stuff is searchable off of the right trainer card. And, since its for early game, it thins 2 extra cards from the deck if those trainers search for those cards. The only main thing Bird got that Luxray can't is special energy. In a straight comparison, yeah, bird is better, but luxray isn't...
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    Luxray Line from ‘Paradigm Trigger’!

    I really like that luxray. Reminds me of talonflame STS. Cheap, free retreat and a good support attack, very nice for some setup heavy decks.
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    Incineroar Line from ‘Paradigm Trigger’!

    I love this art XD
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    Kyogre, V Guard Energy from ‘Incandescent Arcana’!

    Maybe. Won't be around for too long though. However, the kyogre could make a splash in GLC.
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    Radiant Tsareena from “Incandescent Arcana!”

    Between the 7 we have right now, greninja is the most splashable, so that's why you will see it quite often. However, they all fulfill really niche positions, Greninja included. Like, you don't want to play greninja in a deck which can't really retrieve its energies. In most cases currently...
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    Radiant Tsareena from “Incandescent Arcana!”

    - Charizard has had a lot of interest as a potent attacker - Blastoise has had interest as the main mon for snipe focused Rapid Strike decks - Hawlucha has seen usage in some lists to hit the OHKO numbers on VMaxes (The current format makes VMaxes pretty bad, so its not seeing as much usage. Was...
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    July’s Pokemon Center TCG Products for “Lost Abyss” Revealed!

    And with the placement of shiftry and rotom, they would part of the Lost archetype?
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    Discussion "Astral Radiance" Partial Set List

    According to Serebii: H Decidueye: 82 H Typhlosion: 52 H Samurott: 100 Edit: Source:
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    Ruling Dusknoir "Spectral Breach" against Fusion Strike Energy

    As weird as the text makes it read, it's ruled in fusion energies's favour.
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    Hisuian Sneasler V, Rapidash Line from ‘Space Juggler!’

    Butterfree (FST) can be instant using caterpie and metapod from base swsh and searched via turffield. And can be reset in one turn with net.
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    Hisuian Sneasler V, Rapidash Line from ‘Space Juggler!’

    Sneasler is slightly worse than salazzle, but, with dark patch and butterfree, it's getting to the 240+30 damage from its attack. Toxicroaks+choice belt for those one shots?
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    Hisuian Heavy Ball from S10!

    From the current translation, it doesn't randomize the prizes. Therefore, its closer to town map (If paired with note taking). 60th card, know what the prizes are (And their order), and potentially a Pokemon search. Beast ball was hyper specific to one archetype, which had no more than 30 cards...