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    TPCi Warns Hobby Stores About Selling League Promos and Materials, Sends Timeline for When Items Can Be Sold

    I was taking Prize packs as my payment for running events instead of standard packs (we have plenty to go round) ? now I have to hold onto them for a few years or just trade for stuff I can actually sell
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    Play! Pokemon “Prize Pack Series Four” Full Set List Revealed!

    My thoughts are they plan what's going to be in each set very early, maybe even before the set's are released and just guess what's viable for the new stuff, that's why Claydol and Letter are in here and so much random junk from SV was in prize pack 3
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    “Pokemon Day” Events Coming to Pokemon Leagues on February 27th, Including Exclusive Merchandise!

    I got an email for one of my leagues but not the other, hoping they can both do it ?
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    Most Expensive Pokemon Cards of 2023!

    Exactly, the demand is more important. I have 2 of the PP3 Zards but there's no demand whatsoever for it and I can't shift it
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    Official Set Lists Released for Prize Pack Series Promos!

    I just need Kyurem Vmax and my PP3 master set is complete :) still need a lot from the other two, but at least one will be finished ?
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    “Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic” Deck Lists, Holo Patterns, and Details!

    I see a Magikarp I need ? guess I have to buy the whole thing
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    “Play! Pokemon Prize Pack Series Three” Features Galaxy Holos, Including Energy!

    Official release is the 14th, someone's been naughty ? all leagues are being sent an additional 50 packs to give for the special worlds event and we're allowed to give those out before the 14th though.
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    TPCi Sending Out Unreleased Staff Promos to Pokemon Leagues!

    Got two lots of promos for my two leagues (no silver Tempest for one of them), but still waiting on my February shipment of prize packs ?
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    Special Holiday Set Confirmed for Fall, Other TCG Products for September!

    Ruler of the Black Flame and the 8 decks I think. Very few Ultra Rares, which we can see from the numbers on the leaked cards.
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    “Obsidian Flames,” August’s English Set!

    Are our products catching up? This comes out just two weeks after the Japanese version gets released, with the next JP set coming out mid September
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    Bellibolt ex, Tadbulb Officially Revealed!

    Oh right, I don't know where I got 190 from ? more consistent than a Stage 1 pokemon though, and a 50-60 HP basic is far to easy to snipe with Sableye or take out with Boss
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    Bellibolt ex, Tadbulb Officially Revealed!

    Luxray V has the same second attack but does 190 instead, has a better first attack and is a Basic ?‍♂️ this won't really see play until it rotates
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    Defiant Band from “Scarlet ex”!

    I'm pretty sure they said in the original reveal that there would be a great focus on coming back if you were losing this gen. This looks like a great start and hoping for a functional "N" reprint
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    First Look at “Play! Pokemon Prize Packs,” Now Arriving at Pokemon Leagues!

    Definitely missing out on these! Sent my Professor application in August and it's only just been approved, have to wait a month starting 3 days ago until I can do my TO certification
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    Pokemon TCG Live Beta Now Available Globally!

    Kept trying to open my battle pass rewards last night and kept erroring out. Opened the game this morning and received over 2000 packs ?
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    “Pikachu on the Ball” Promo Releasing Tomorrow at GAME!

    Be nice if they had any new product to buy ?
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    “Eevee Evolutions Premium Collection” from GameStop Revealed!

    So £36 worth of packs and around £10-12 worth of singles (if we're being generous) for £70?
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    PTCGO Undergoing Maintenance to Prepare for ‘Pokemon TCG Live’

    Sorry, misremembered it! They'd still need an announcement for the Canadian beta though