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  1. TheRainmaker

    Cinderace ex, Raboot, and Scorbunny from Stellar Miracle!

    I think we only had a single usable (albeit at a casual level) Cinderace card, and it was a single prize one. Kinda crazy how the usefulness of Cinderace and Inteleon in the TCG compared to their usefulness in the mainline games is flipped.
  2. TheRainmaker

    Ultra PRO “Tinkaton Character Series” Accessories Line Announced

    I love Tinkaton, and I wouldn't buy any of these. I'd rather spend more to get a custom printed Tinkaton mat and import Tinkaton sleeves from JP.
  3. TheRainmaker

    More Exclusive Chinese Alternate Arts Releasing, Including Gold Battle VIP Pass!

    I try to have every card for these specific Pokemon in English (minus Miraidon), as they're among my favorites... I hope this make it over here.
  4. TheRainmaker

    “Terastal Festival” Set Will Feature the Eeveelutions, Releases in December!

    In a perfect world this results in a good Eeveeloution centric deck similar to Zoroark box (and not like the failure that was Ogerpon Mask Change deck), but also some of them just being good as their own decks (e.g. Jolteon VMAX and Leafeon VMAX), and maybe some of them being good for other...
  5. TheRainmaker

    Hydrapple ex, Stellar Lapras ex, Briar, and More Revealed from “Stellar Miracle!”

    With all the tera support, that turtle is gonna be A MENACE!
  6. TheRainmaker

    All of China’s Exclusive “Pokemon GO” Cards Revealed!

    What they got against the Blastoise line?
  7. TheRainmaker

    New “Tera Brawlers Premium Collection” at GameStop in August!

    If I was getting something for my pre-teen nephew who is very casual with the TCG, I'd probably buy them the Zard ex tin and an ETB for about the same price as this and they'd be much happier. For everyone else... you can build a full Zard ex deck for this price, Ace Spec and all.
  8. TheRainmaker

    Special Illustration Rare Cassiopeia from “Night Wanderer”

    I want this card for the Sylveon... speaking of which... where are the ex eeveelutions!? I miss Zoroark Box, and that kind of deck can fill the void! (especially with the 151 eeveelutions as uptrade options)
  9. TheRainmaker

    Zoroark, Zorua from “Night Wanderer”

    After they introduced the "Rulebox" phrasing, I kinda hate cards with planned obsolescence like this now.... that said, it might have been worth playing if Zoroark box was still in rotation. I also don't see myself running it in Expanded Zoroark box (would rather run a copy of the Foul Play one...
  10. TheRainmaker

    Decidueye Line from “Night Wanderer”

    United Wings finally reached Mad Party levels, but actually hits relevant weaknesses too which is nice.
  11. TheRainmaker

    New ACE SPEC, Pokevital A, Revealed from “Night Wanderer!”

    The inability to re-use made sense on the Special Energy ace spec that reduced prizes taken as it would be much harder to play around for most decks, but on this one I feel it's not warranted. I know it can be Lost Vacuum'd, but I feel like I'd prefer Hero's Cape every time over this, or as...
  12. TheRainmaker

    “Night Wanderer” TCG Set Officially Revealed Featuring Pecharunt ex and The Loyal Three!

    Regidrago VSTAR keeps winning (specifically in Expanded). It now has a solid tri snipe attack from this Kyurem, and since it usually uses Garbotoxin, it isn't gonna care about bench barrier either.
  13. TheRainmaker

    Pokemon TCG Earned Record $857 Million in Japan for 2023, More Than Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic, and Others Combined!

    I was at that Long Beach YCS (the 100th one), the last non-local level Yugioh tournament I participated in so far. I think they underestimated the number of participants given that it was in SoCal, so each round went for over 2 hours, and we got to round 5 or 6 by like 7 PM and the first day was...
  14. TheRainmaker

    Pokemon TCG Earned Record $857 Million in Japan for 2023, More Than Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic, and Others Combined!

    I've gotten several friends to swap from Yugioh to the Pokemon TCG over the past year, so you're all free to thank me personally for this.
  15. TheRainmaker

    All 101 “Mask of Change” Main Set Cards Revealed!

    We've gotten so many Luxray cards in S&S and S&V sets it's kinda insane, and several of them have been pretty decent. You'd think it was Charizard with all the cards it's getting.
  16. TheRainmaker

    Tera Charizard ex and Chien-Pao ex “Battle Master Decks” Revealed for May!

    Charizard ex vibe checking all its haters.
  17. TheRainmaker

    GoHenry Launches Pokemon TCG Debit Cards in the US and UK!

    They missed an opportunity by not doing this with Gholdengo.
  18. TheRainmaker

    Blissey ex, Scoop Up Cyclone, Ogerpon ex SIR, and More from “Mask of Change!”

    I have the OG Scoop Up Cyclone, so I finally have a good tournament legal Ace Spec, at least until hopefully Prime Catcher or Cape get included in a League Battle Deck or something. Also those super illustration rares are like... full art level of cool to me, not SIR. If we ever get something...
  19. TheRainmaker

    New Cards and Illustration Rares Revealed from “Mask of Change!”

    That Clefable can be a lot of fun as a 1 of in the Moon Party Clefairy deck. Also between this Tatsugiri and that Drakloak we saw earlier, Dragon is getting the much needed support Pokemon it was desperate for in GLC.