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  1. AvieMoon

    Shiny Toedscruel ex, Pidgeot ex from “Shiny Treasure ex”

    Man the toadscrewl is so good, definitely a chase card for me! His colours pop so nicely! (And Pidgeot, only for the nostalgia)
  2. AvieMoon

    “Crown Zenith Premium Collection Pikachu VMAX” Coming to Walmart for Black Friday!

    Oh not that I see these selling out asap (the last two years I've seen these boxes floating around weeks after their release) but Walmart plus members get first dibs on all of these a day early before they get put on the floor. Also our Walmart only got a half pallet instead of the normal full...
  3. AvieMoon

    “Shimmering Skyline” Ultra PRO Products Announced

  4. AvieMoon

    “My First Battle” Cards Revealed, Features Unique Cards, Blue Borders, and Different Backs!

    Seeing that these cards are released here first and not in Japan is a bit confusing with how they are set up. Not sure how big Pokémon is for much younger players in English speaking countries, but in Japan they have a huge market for this, seeing a lot of younger kids play there (and why they...
  5. AvieMoon

    TPCi Announces All Van Gogh Pokemon Products Sold Out

    Man I didn't realize this was even going to come out today. Wish I didn't get called in to open at work or I would have noticed it dropping when I got up, and probably would have got at least one. Let's keep my fingers crossed that I notice the rerelease for the promo. (and that if it's a...
  6. AvieMoon

    New Version of “Heavy Hitters Premium Collection” at Sam’s Club

    I bought two of these online back when it was first released (never seen them at my Sam's Club in person). One to open and one to keep sealed becasue it thought it might be a cool display piece that I could just open later down the line if I wanted. Other than the boxes being MASSIVE for no...
  7. AvieMoon

    Second Wave of Codes for Illustrator Contest Promos Going Out!

    I would think it be so don't get a million orders at once. They want to still be able to fulfill orders in a timely manner without their team getting flooded with a bunch of orders. ~~~~~~~~~ This is the first time I got a code for one of their card events. I have had 2 of my friends also join...
  8. AvieMoon

    “Heavy Hitters Premium Collection” in September!

    Review: First impressions, this box is freaking massive. It came inside its own cardboard box on top of the box it was shipped in. None of the "promo" cards are a special holo, so if you are a collector of different types of cards, the only thing new you are getting is the jumbo. Now for...
  9. AvieMoon

    “Pokemon ex” Return, New “Scarlet & Violet” TCG Cards Revealed at Worlds!

    I love the fact that these cards are full arts, but with the text zones being translucent to see the text. Love that you can still see all of the mons. Really nice touch! Or at least in the legendary cards shown. Hope it's not just for the reveal and they stay like that.
  10. AvieMoon

    More “Incandescent Arcana” Cards Revealed!

    I need that Serperior V card, that art is *Chefs Kiss*
  11. AvieMoon

    American “Hidden Potential Tins” Revealed for October!

    As someone who collects the tins, I wish we go back to the old design/the design Europe is getting. I wouldn't mind this one as much for storage wise if they didn't change it. This revision is smaller than the original (the original was a bit longer and you could fit cards in better with no...
  12. AvieMoon

    Pokemon TCG “Trick or Trade BOOster Packs” Revealed for Halloween!

    Love all the small quirky sets to collect! Even if they are just reprints, I really enjoy seeing some love for Halloween here with pokemon finally. Though the real question is. Will I find these in the card/toy sections or the candy section! XD
  13. AvieMoon

    “Heavy Hitters Premium Collection” in September!

    I got too many horror stories of jumbos I've got in the mail, including one shipped in a manila envelope with only a single piece of paper towel wrapped around it. And obviously I couldn't get my money back unless I shipped it back to them and which was the same price as what I payed for it...
  14. AvieMoon

    “Heavy Hitters Premium Collection” in September!

    The only reason am going to buy this is for the Jumbo card. Everything else is easy to get (coins and cards I've pulled 100 times). Unless if the rares are cosmic holos, then I be more interested. But becuase there's 14 packs this is going to be expensive for just wanting the jumbo. (And ya I...