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  1. TrumoN

    Creatures Disqualifies Six Entries from 2024’s PTCG Illustrator Contest, Adds Six New Artists!

    why is nobody talking about such a "peachy" reference feraligatr is carrying there xD
  2. TrumoN

    Ledyba, Ledian from Stellar Miracle!

    IF level ball makes a comeback this would be "considerable"... anyway... dude, it's a niche card. just make it hit for 90 to get the prize. ITS A 1 TIME THING. ITS A LEDIAN, LET IT SHINE FOR ONCEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. this card with another name like CHARIZARD or greninja wouldve been...
  3. TrumoN

    “Pokemon GO” Cards Getting Exclusive Artwork in China, Including Charizard and Radiant Eevee!

    it's not the best kouki saitou exemplar. yet, that radiantsaur is way more radiant than the one we have haa
  4. TrumoN

    It’s the BDIF For a Reason — Advanced Tips For Playing Charizard ex

    have you ever played league of legends? well, this charizard deck = playing garen. no brain involved compared to most decks
  5. TrumoN

    Aggron Line and Emolga from “Mask of Change!”

    omg! what an aggron! finally! also, I REALLY REALLY WISH we might get to see the other half of the image. I mean, aggron's foe...
  6. TrumoN

    Varoom, Revavroom, and Farfetch’d from “Mask of Change”

    considering the other reva, depending on the deck style, you could run a 3-3 consisting in this one and the "draw up to 6" one
  7. TrumoN

    Help Pokecard search website

    Hey guys, I've been wondering where can I find a good website that allows us to look for cards by using filters... something similar to what the old ptcg online had: search for specific retreat/attack/ costs, types, weaknesses, containing "xxxxxxx" in the card's text, etc etc etc... the...
  8. TrumoN

    Simisage, Simisear, and Simipour from “Ancient Roar” and “Future Flash”

    are they SO meh like u guys saying? Regular trio setup or via zoroark or even hypno... a couple of rainbow energies, super effective glasses...with some interesting techs for the meta and I think its a viable as a 1prize deck threat... its all about setting them up very quickly and bother the...
  9. TrumoN

    Ninetales Illustration Rare from “Ruler of the Black Flame!”

    I cant decide if I want it to be organized by years/formats, by artists (omg kouki saitou's hall!!!) or by pokedex order... anyway, we need a whole building for the museum!
  10. TrumoN

    Squirtle Promo with Pokemon Center “151” Preorders

    Squirtle is receiving a promo? call kouki saitou, yuki mori, komiya, arita, and that horrible miki tanaka, we need 100 new charizard cards asap
  11. TrumoN

    Ruling supporter: Raihan / Roy

    Nah relax, I'm ok with these little details... here is a situation that happened 5 minutes ago (I tested this post launcher update) chesnaughtV with his 3 basic grass energies active gets obliterated by a 500 damage from arcanine EX. In consequence, I select another pokemon to be the active and...
  12. TrumoN

    Ruling supporter: Raihan / Roy

    Hey guys, question: is Raihan working well in tcglive?? Sometimes I have a basic energy in my discard pile, a pokemon was knocked out last turn...but the card is not available for use! I was thinking maybe there was a weird rulling regarding rulebox-mons... but nope, I am finding it kind of...
  13. TrumoN

    “My First Battle” Mini Decks Releasing in September!

    I'm a teacher and I see mi kids buying cards at random, not reading them, just looking at the names+artworks and trading... this could be a nice bridge between that and a new tcg player!
  14. TrumoN

    Tera Dragonite ex and Tera Greedent ex from “ex Starter Decks” Revealed!

    everybody saying that new pokemon cards are getting weaker and weaker... I'm just surprised by that wing attack that deals 70 with a single collorless energy... wether this is relevant or not in a metagame aspect, if im not wrong, the power cap of this kind of attacks with just damage output (no...
  15. TrumoN

    “Detective Pikachu Returns” Releasing on October 6th!

    dude, I was the whole trailer trying to understand if this was a full new game or a relaunch of the original one... I had to deduce it by remembering that it was released before the galar era, so the fact of looking at inteleon and etc walking around lead me to the conclusion that this is a new...
  16. TrumoN

    Turbo Lost Box and Paldea Evolved

    I know this isn't the place for this but the forum is barely answered (at least in my experience). I've got 2 questions: 1- are we getting DCE again? 2- I cannot run PTCGL in a notebook, that error 5/36
  17. TrumoN

    Help Pokemon TCG live "No network"

    Hi guys, I'm finally going to let go PTCGO... the thing is, I installed LIVE on my pc but everytime I try opening it there is this "no network" thing ... I tried re installing, shutting down avast but the problem persists... any help? thanks in advance!
  18. TrumoN

    Electabuzz, Magmar from ‘Pokemon Card 151’!

    I love how they always get bonded somehow. I love both artworks separatedly, but since they are meant to be used together, my tocs demand same artist and/or relationship between the pics
  19. TrumoN

    Dragonite, Hitmonlee, and Dodrio from ‘Pokemon Card 151’!

    another hitmonlee that ressembles the base card set idea. this one seems particulary cool, even though I consider that he is way out of the power creep... they should really consider bringing back empowering babies of dp era... the hitmons were weak but empowered they were up to some kind of...