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  1. F4nt45m

    Creatures Discontinues Instagram Account for Textless Illustrations

  2. F4nt45m

    Cradily, Lileep, Antique Root Fossil from Stellar Miracle!

    The Duality of Mankind.
  3. F4nt45m

    Japan’s Pokemon Center TCG Accessories for “Stellar Miracle” in July!

    Terapagos has so much potential to look cool and of course they just put a generic render on a nondescript background.
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    Creatures’s Textless Pokemon TCG Illustrations for June!

    They usually don't for the exs. Probably because the background isn't polished as much as the other ones since it's mostly blocked.
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    Orthworm ex from Stellar Miracle!

    He's just a silly little guy!
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    Future Sight — Looking Ahead to Shrouded Fable

    Just wait, my uncle's barber's cousin's dog works and Nintendo and next set they'll re-release Crystal Edge! Then finally dangerous laser will fall off!
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    Antique Cover Fossil, Carracosta from Stellar Miracle!

    I think the attack on the Tirtouga is Flip Turn, the move in the games, instead of the current Splashing Turn translation.
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    All 64 “Night Wanderer” Main Set Cards Revealed!

    Revavroom ex be like: - Show up - Break the speed limit, killing someone in the process - Refuse to elaborate further - Leave
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    You Can’t Spell Dialga Without IA — How an Iowan Took Dialga to a Regional Championship

    Finally! An article about Dialga! I've waited 2 years for this moment, and it's just as beautiful as I thought it would be.
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    Duskull, Dusclops, and Dusknoir from “Night Wanderer!”

    I would NOT walk down that street alone at night.
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    “Shrouded Fable” Special Pokemon TCG Set Revealed for August!

    I like how their going back and giving alt arts to cards, the greninja is stunning. I just wish they gave them to pokemon without art rares already, greninja and kingambit have a lot. Pecharunt promo looks interesting though, might see some use with a poison stall deck or something?
  12. F4nt45m

    Decidueye Line from “Night Wanderer”

    The pokemon company really doesn't want Charizard to be good anymore, do they. On a side note, the rowlet art is the perfect ball of preciousness and must be treasured.
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    Pokemon Center to Launch in Australia and New Zealand!

    This is clearly fake. The pokemon company would never acknowledge somewhere outside of Asia and America.
  14. F4nt45m

    Japanese Pokemon Center TCG Accessories for May!

    The callbacks to the retro games with the hyper beam and pikachu picnic art are fun! As much as I like the clodsire sleeves and clodsire, I do really wish they didn't assault my eyes.
  15. F4nt45m

    Nintendo to Announce Switch Successor “Within This Fiscal Year”

    Let's hope that the switch 2 fixes many of the problems in both hardware and software. Gen 10 should be much better then ScarVi as those were literal slideshows. Also it would be nice to stop dealing with drift and controllers being made with tangled wires. Not preordering this until we see...
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    “Twilight Masquerade” Prerelease Promos Revealed!

    Why'd they have to do thwackey like that. He looks like he's confused and angry at the same time, but doesn't know which to be.
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    “Twilight Masquerade” Set Guide: Full Card List, Secret Rares, Cut Cards, Products, and More!

    Why does the Tatsugiri prerelease promo not show the card image, and just the art? Also this set I think turned out really well! When some of the first cards were revealed I was meh about it but there are many interesting interactions between cards! Also, the entire Ace Spec system is funny...