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    Blog Discussing the Dual-Types: Are They Viable or Just Cool to Look At?

    hey guys, just saying turn 2 canyon axe is VERY real
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    Article Flippin' Fans - A Test of Shiftry

    re: getting the potential Mewtwo active I run an escape rope in my shifty deck. It serves two purposes 1) retreat an unown that I started 2) force my opponent to switch out of a wobb so I can fan it so the potential 3rd reason could be two switch into Mewtwo. I haven't tested with Roller...
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    Discussion Why has Yveltal Fallen Off?

    I mainly play the TCG Online, but I still have a great deal of success with my Fairy/Yveltal deck with Aromatisse and Fairy Garden where I attach energies with geomancy (or to malamar) and then move the majority of them to yveltal (or malamar!). I run a couple dark energies and a few rainbow.
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    Standard Rayquaza EX / Shaymin EX / Aromatisse

    Another idea for moving energy is battle compressor because you already have mega turbo. I'd consider dropping the 2 fairy gardens for 2 battle compressors. Then you'd be able to move energy from Geomancy or (more easily than before) from the discard pile.
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    Collecting The "Look What I Pulled" & Pull Rates Thread

    RE: The Tin or Promo Box "Pull Rates" Thread Got a Charizard EX box and pulled a M Venusaur Got a second Charizard EX box and pulled a M Charizard X :)
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    Thanks again!

    Thanks again!
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    Machamp's Trade Thread! H: LT Booster Packs, Player Rewards, FA EX's W: Flashfire, Shinings!

    I have 32 code cards including 3 from Yvetal tins. Interested?
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    Shök, Nice! I added a Yvetal and Yvetal EX to my deck, and my roommate, who uses Yvetal EX, said...

    Shök, Nice! I added a Yvetal and Yvetal EX to my deck, and my roommate, who uses Yvetal EX, said he "quit" because my deck is too good now. I told him to buy new cards and quit crying haha. My other roommate is building a Plasma deck right now.
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    Introduce Yourself!

    I'm Andrew. Found out about Pokebeach just from a Google search about deck tips. Used to play TCG as a kid, but stopped sometime in middle school. Have kept up with the video games, and I'm now 26 and recently got back into TCG. Really excited to start playing, I got my roommates to join me as...