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  1. Edsylan

    Zeraora / Deoxys VSTAR & VMAX High Class Decks Revealed!

    We know from the next trainer's toolkit that Lumineon V has a new alternate artwork, this is most likely where Japan will get that artwork (similar how they got the alt art crobat v first in the Inteleon/Gengar high class decks and later we got the same art in the last trainer's toolkit)
  2. Edsylan

    Standard Rotation in Early 2023, Some Cards Banned for Worlds!

    This is the first time we're using the japanese system for rotation (we're rotating a block instead of a list of sets), which made some people suspect rotation would probably follow the japanese date as well. And in some ways it makes sense, after some rotations before, you could really feel...
  3. Edsylan

    Hisuian Arcanine, Phione from ‘Dark Phantasma’

    except that hissuian samurott vstar, darkrai vstar, galarian moltres v and malamar vmax, you know, the dark attackers you probably want to counter, are all weak to grass.
  4. Edsylan

    The Pokemon Company International to Buy Millennium Print Group

    After the incident with brilliant stars getting leak way to early, i can see this being the reason of buying the company.
  5. Edsylan

    Hisuian Lilligant VSTAR, Machamp V, and 10 More Cards Revealed from S10!

    to be fair darkrai vstar is not doing good in japan, and i don't think the deck will be that great here either, so i don't think mew have to worry that much about darkrai.
  6. Edsylan

    “Astral Radiance” Prerelease Promos Revealed!

    pokemon get the prefix if 1) they are a different form of an already established pokemon (example, galarian zigzagoon) 2) they are a new species, but they evolve from a pokemon with the prefix (example, galaran obstagoon) basculegion gets the prefix because of reason #2, wyrdeer doesn't match...
  7. Edsylan

    Tornadus, Floatzel, and Buizel Revealed from ‘Star Birth!’

    Azumarill is way worse than floatzel, since you're limited to pokemon/supporters, getting items back pretty much gives you access to your entire discard pile.