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  1. Luke Skywalker

    All “Triplet Beat” Secret Rares!

    I can't tell what it is but Ghetsis looks like he is holding a wooden rifle.
  2. Luke Skywalker

    “Ancient Roar,” “Future Flash,” “Shiny Treasure” Set Names Trademarked!

    Galarian Slowpoke was also obtainable in the train station a long time before the DLC released so I don't know how much applicability it has for an early release of DLC mons in the TCG.
  3. Luke Skywalker

    Free Full Art Serena in PTCGO and PTCG Live!

    The code does work now for those that tried it earlier.
  4. Luke Skywalker

    Special Art Rare Lucario VSTAR from ‘VSTAR Universe’!

    I am personally more a fan of seeing a location in the background with the Pokemon in said location. However, this is still cool nonetheless.
  5. Luke Skywalker

    All 98 “Paradigm Trigger” Cards Revealed!

    And with another deletion of my post I will leave another one. If the rules of the Pokebeach website are no politics they should be followed by everyone. I do believe that it was indeed the WPM himself that stated that this was a fan site for Pokemon and not a place to discuss political issues...
  6. Luke Skywalker

    Mysterious Cyrus Full Art Promo Revealed!

    I finally get my full art Cyrus. It's been so long.
  7. Luke Skywalker

    Pokemon TCG Officially Launching in China, Massive New Market!

    Yeh it's interesting how a government that tries to ban speech looks silly.
  8. Luke Skywalker

    “Darkrai / Shaymin VSTAR Premium Collections” Coming to Walmart!

    You don't even get the nugget you get the Sky Form version in this product.
  9. Luke Skywalker

    Pokemon Players Concerned as Tournament Registration Fees Hit Nearly $70

    This is honestly sad in my opinion. I have loved the TCG and have played for many years. However this mixed with the apparent loss of expanded tournaments just screams even more that all they are out for is money. I do however understand that organizers need to be able to cover the cost of the...
  10. Luke Skywalker

    “Mew VMAX League Battle Deck” in November!

    I feel like most of the people that did spend that amount of money probably got their use out of it since then. Unless they bought them just for one tournament.
  11. Luke Skywalker

    Many 2023 Season Regional, International Championships Dates and Locations Revealed!

    Ok that's actually a completely fair assessment. It's just a farther drive for me?.
  12. Luke Skywalker

    Many 2023 Season Regional, International Championships Dates and Locations Revealed!

    Dallas Regionals got moved to Arlington interesting. Well it'll be weird calling it Arlington Regionals but whatever. I hope it still remains in the expanded format.
  13. Luke Skywalker

    TPCI Releases Alternative Play Handbook: Raid Format, 2v2 Team Battles, & More!

    Well it's not an official format so it couldn't take over expanded even if it wanted to.
  14. Luke Skywalker

    Machamp VMAX Revealed from “Astral Radiance!”

    Increased the total amount of cards in the set by 1?
  15. Luke Skywalker

    Full English Reveals of ‘Celebrations’ Products Reveals New Cards!

    I can not wait to see what the Greninja star is going to look like.