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  1. TandemTCG

    New “ex Battle Decks” for Victini ex and Miraidon ex in July, Feature New Artwork!

    What about the Starter deck things releasing in September? Maybe some of these come in with those?
  2. TandemTCG

    “Mask of Change” Secret Rares and Pull Rates!

    Luxray ex is in the wrong place
  3. TandemTCG

    Special English “Scarlet & Violet” 6.5 Set to Release in August!

    This is some awesome rage bait, lol.
  4. TandemTCG

    A Rare Look Into the Design Process and Feedback Between Creatures and Pokemon Card Illustrators

    I'm surprised they accept his art. I don't mean any disrespect, but I literally can't interpret his art.
  5. TandemTCG

    Cyclizar, Shiny Wigglytuff Line from “Shiny Treasure ex”

    Dragon Pokémon get their attack costs from the color of their body. Cyclizar is green with a black wheel, so it makes sense that Grass and Darkness are in its attack costs.
  6. TandemTCG

    I won the giveaway on Twitter for the 151 codes!

    I won the giveaway on Twitter for the 151 codes!
  7. TandemTCG

    PokeBeach Podcast: Prerelease Raichu Graded After 25 Years, Win “151” Code Cards!

    Yooooo I just noticed you guys stream on Spotify?
  8. TandemTCG

    Pokemon Scalpers Swamp Van Gogh Museum, Forcing Changes to Museum’s Purchase Policy

    I would easily be banned on all social media platforms if I said what I truly feel about these assholes (the scalpers).
  9. TandemTCG

    Full Art Larry from “Raging Surf!”

    So this is the waifu card for Raging Surf? Awesome!
  10. TandemTCG

    New Images of “Gyarados ex Premium Collection” Reveal Magnetic Card Protector!

    It'll probably be made of rubber Source: ETB sleeves ?
  11. TandemTCG

    “Ancient Roar” and “Future Flash” Officially Revealed, Including Sandy Shocks ex!

    Chill out, man. Manaphy rotates first, because Manaphy is F and Iron Jugulis is G.
  12. TandemTCG

    “Jirachi V Box” Product Release Confirmed!