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  1. Octowen

    Creatures Discontinues Instagram Account for Textless Illustrations

    My gut says we will no longer receive textless illustrations, and this is their way of fading it away without instantly discontinuing the entire feature and making people (as) mad.
  2. Octowen

    All 102 “Stellar Miracle” Main Set Cards Revealed, Plus More Secret Rares!

    Prep work should just be called “Let Him Cook”
  3. Octowen

    Deluxe Bomb from Stellar Miracle!

    I guess an underwhelming Ace Spec is always better than a Computer Search reprint 🤷‍♂️ I’d love to see what would happen if it was an instant KO on the attacking Pokémon—wait, no, I wouldn’t.
  4. Octowen

    Top 300 Entries Selected for 2024’s Pokemon TCG Illustration Contest!

    Well official illustrators, you guys do a great job, but we actually don’t need you anymore; turns out the fanbase is full of the most spectacular artists ever.
  5. Octowen

    Hydrapple ex, Stellar Lapras ex, Briar, and More Revealed from “Stellar Miracle!”

    *reads Lapras translation* “haha 20 funny typo” *looks over at actual card* Wat On a side note, who’s ready for Tera Pokémon to be blisteringly OP, including energy acceleration and extra prize draw?
  6. Octowen

    Worlds 2024 “Paradise Resort” Promo and Pikachu Plush Revealed!

    Because then I’d buy a playset and play it 😜
  7. Octowen

    New “Tera Brawlers Premium Collection” at GameStop in August!

    Imagine how nice this would be if it had Dragapult, Charizard, Opergon (Teal), and two other good Tera mons.
  8. Octowen

    “Stellar Miracle” Pokemon TCG Set Featuring Terapagos ex Revealed!

    Does Gardevoir find a Tera Pokémon to play so that it can have a massive bench?
  9. Octowen

    New “Tera Brawlers Premium Collection” at GameStop in August!

    All of the worst Tera exes in one place! Wait, Charizard, what are you doing here?
  10. Octowen

    Duskull, Dusclops, and Dusknoir from “Night Wanderer!”

    Except if you KO Bibarel then prizes stay even.
  11. Octowen

    It’s the BDIF For a Reason — Advanced Tips For Playing Charizard ex

    Can you play Dragapult in Charizard?
  12. Octowen

    Duskull, Dusclops, and Dusknoir from “Night Wanderer!”

    Something interesting to note is if you’re playing this then you don’t need some Boss+Canceling Cologne combo in order to KO Manaphy. I don’t hate the mechanic because it would be such a fun rogue deck to run around with, but if this is good in Dragapult things could start to be a bit rough…
  13. Octowen

    Shockingly, GameStop’s Graded Card Program Will Buy PSA Cards for Their Market Value! All The Details!

    Yes, both. Honestly you’re right. Looking back I don’t know what I was thinking.
  14. Octowen

    GameStop Posts First Graded Pokemon Cards for Sale: Most Are Fair Prices, But Some Double

    I wonder if you could still sell them a Moonbreon for $500? Obviously it’s not a good idea, but I’m just thinking rhetorically.
  15. Octowen

    “Shrouded Fable” Special Pokemon TCG Set Revealed for August!

    That Kingambit art is spectacular! And the ETB is also cool.
  16. Octowen

    New ACE SPEC, Pokevital A, Revealed from “Night Wanderer!”

    Yo what just make it heal all the damage.