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  1. Zakary Krekeler

    The Darkest Day Again — The Return of Eternatus VMAX

    AC Chen is pretty on the money here, you typically want to keep Weezing in the Active Spot to slow down your opponent's setup, until you've established a board and are ready to start swinging with your Eternatus. It is worth noting though that Galarian Weezing itself can do damage; while its...
  2. Zakary Krekeler

    Countering the Counters: How to Adapt with Lugia VSTAR

    I actually only learned about this neat interaction late last night - definitely another one to consider! Spiral Energy has an advantage over the other anti-Paralysis stuff I mentioned in that it can be grabbed at any time with Archeops (so you don't have to have anything in-hand or on the board...
  3. Zakary Krekeler

    The Lost Zone is Back! — My Favorite Mirage Gate Decks

    First, thank you for the compliment - I'm glad you enjoyed the article! As for the Giratina deck, Fantina is certainly an interesting card, and one that definitely has a lot of potential depending on how the meta shakes out. In the list I have in here, I'm a bit more focused on making sure that...
  4. Zakary Krekeler

    Playing Magma Basin in the Great Basin — A Look at Fire Decks for SLC

    For the Victini deck, damage output against VMAXs can occasionally be a source of trouble, particularly if you miss an early attack (like with Moltres). Since you have to 2HKO them with this deck, that can give them an opportunity to take the lead, which will make things difficult if you're both...