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  1. Ms Hugo

    Discussion Trash Talk: Garbodor's Role Post-Rotation

    Well, BKP Garb is the only reliable way to shut down abilities without it being active (Greninja and Wobb have to be active to shut down opposing abilities) so I think that Garb will definitely see play as a 2-of in a lot of decks. The other Garb will probably be included as a 1 or 2 of...
  2. Ms Hugo

    Discussion Best and Worst GX's for Competitive Play (Guardians Rising)

    Argh I didn't realise when writing this that it would be so huge, but I have ranked and written a bit about each GX in the format. Honorable mentions from the rest of the set include Choice Band, which is format-changing, and Garbodor, also format-changing. I think Garbodor is the most...
  3. Ms Hugo

    Event Decks played at Sheffield

    Mega Gardevoir STS was one of the other decks in top 8. It came 5th.
  4. Ms Hugo

    Discussion Possible Broken Cards from Sun and Moon Set

    Vileplume was another card considered extremely broken by people when AOR leaks were revealed. It's a card that's stayed fairly okay throughout its life, but is also very inconsistent. You have to devote your whole deck to getting just one out, let alone 3 or 4 in the case of those examples up...
  5. Ms Hugo

    News Giratina 'Pokemon Card Gym' Promo!

    They will absolutely not be rotating 8 sets in September lol
  6. Ms Hugo

    Discussion Raichu Circle Circuit Viable Still?

    Yeah, Lysandre does suck. But, then again, Bursting Balloon forces an action from your opponent that's sometimes in your favour - they either Lysandre, Escape Rope, attack and take damage, or don't attack. As for partners, I may pair it with Vespiquen and Klefki. Klefki is such a good card and...
  7. Ms Hugo

    Discussion Raichu Circle Circuit Viable Still?

    Playing it with Bursting Balloon makes its damage 160 + 60 if they attack the Raichu, so 220. It's kind of similar to Garchomp damage, but with slightly easier setup. I think there's still a lot of potential in Raichu.
  8. Ms Hugo

    Discussion If you had to pick your Big 3...

    Rainbow Road Xerneas, for sheer damage output and lack of real hard counters when it gets rolling (Parallel City doesn't hurt them as much as Rayquaza). They are quite reliant on Max Elixirs early-game from my experience, but it's easier to stream attackers with EXP Share. The potential for this...
  9. Ms Hugo

    News 20th Anniversary Set in September + Surfing Pikachu and M Slowbro-EX!

    Karen has disruption potential as it shuffles your opponent's Pokemon in too, so it's not completely redundant.
  10. Ms Hugo

    Joltik Leads

    That is a really cute idea, and I think may be useful in Gardevoir decks that have space - if you run a Max Elixir engine to power up your Gardevoirs, you can just retreat the Joltik and Despair Ray it off after you've powered up. The benefit over Talonflame in that sort of situation is that...
  11. Ms Hugo

    Discussion How to Destroy the Mega Mewtwo Decks!

    Yeah, Despair Ray. I haven't had a chance to test it yet but I see no way in which that matchup is winnable for Mewtwo. If there are lots of Mewtwos in your area I would definitely suggest M-Gard because it's so easy to power up. You don't even need to worry about them pulling up your Shaymins.
  12. Ms Hugo

    P!P/Rules Should Garbodor be Banned?

    I was talking about the meta, which is from my perspective shaping up to be Mega-focused, with no real ability-focused setup aside from Shaymin and Hoopa. I'm not seeing a lot of long-term ability decks out there (Octillery or Magnezone or any of the ones you mention). As a result, Garbodor...
  13. Ms Hugo

    P!P/Rules Should Garbodor be Banned?

    What does Garbodor beat atm besides rogue decks, Greninja and Volcanion? If I know people are playing Garbodor, I'll just slam down all my Shaymins and Hoopas while I still have the chance. Stuff like Magnezone dies to loads of decks that aren't Garbodor. It looks like it's going to be a Mega...
  14. Ms Hugo

    News 20th Anniversary Set in September + Surfing Pikachu and M Slowbro-EX!

    Beedrill looks awesome. Definitely going to try a Speedrill with Max Elixir deck.
  15. Ms Hugo

    Blog Discussing the Dual-Types: Are They Viable or Just Cool to Look At?

    I really think Gardevoir and Steelix should switch places. 110 is hardly "lackluster" damage for 2 energy, surely, and Gardevoir does 1HKO Mewtwo, Hoopa, Shaymin, Dragons etc while denying easy Shaymin bench prizes for the rest of the game. I would also say that Steel is a comparatively good...
  16. Ms Hugo

    Mega Garchomp-EX and Mega Salamence-EX Premium Collections in November!

    Mega Garchomp doesn't look that dies hard to Mewtwo and Gardevoir but with Clawitzer you can power him up pretty quickly, and it wouldn't be too tricky to stream attackers with Puzzle of Time and Special Charge. 180 isn't the absolute best damage but it's pretty decent. Does the...
  17. Ms Hugo

    Blog To Infinity and Beyond: The Rise of Mega Mewtwo

    Would you run Metal energy as your primary energy for Mewtwo? Or would you just include, say, 3 for this matchup? I think the matchup's definitely worth teching for.
  18. Ms Hugo

    Discussion The Rotation of Aromatisse XY on Fairy Deck Competitiveness

    I think Giratina/DDE's a good bet, along with Max Elixirs and Mega Turbos to charge up as much energy as you can. I think Geomancy Xerneas is still too slow, but if you're using Xerneas Break with it, that could make up for it.
  19. Ms Hugo

    Discussion Will people really play Pokemon Ranger?

    Well there you go. No one's going to run more than 2 Rangers in early season. Hex or Garb are what you need to look out for then.
  20. Ms Hugo

    Discussion Will people really play Pokemon Ranger?

    I don't think Ranger will completely destroy these sorts of defensive decks, but the card is definitely something to look out for. A lot of people are saying most decks will include 1 Ranger, but without Battle Compressor there's no reliable way to dump it in the discard and VS Seeker it out...