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    Dachsbun ex, Galvantula ex, and New Illustration Rares Revealed from “Stellar Miracle!”

    Joltik? 30 hp? Good for lightning... until you find it is easily snipped by iron valiant ex ability for donk. Great tree? Brings back the memories... only this time, no 4 of to make it that broken: can be prized, only one allowed in deck? More fair than FofGP...
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    “The Glory of Team Rocket” and “Terastal Festival” Set Names Trademarked for the Pokemon TCG!

    Am I dreaming, or is this rocket return the beginning of a plan B for the entire Z-A trailer being recorded at a time before it was known the Switch 2 was delayed, and thus giving the impression that the next year of tcg will lack a focus otherwise as a result of an unexpected push to the...
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    All 64 “Night Wanderer” Main Set Cards Revealed!

    That Zoroark destroys ex-heavy decks such as Tealbolt.. . TPCi might have said "if you thought teal mask ogrepon is good, wait until you see Pechaunt"!
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    Nintendo to Announce Switch Successor “Within This Fiscal Year”

    Assuming Legends Z-A is a Switch 2 release as well as a Switch release(akin to Zelda:TP for Wii AND Gamecube, as well as Zelda:BofW for Wii U AND Switch), I wonder if they need two or three more special sets in February/March, May/June and/or August/September, respectively, to fill the gaps left...
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    Standard [POST ROTATION] Iron Crown ex + Darkrai/ Reboot Pod (Manaphy-Proof Snipe)

    In that case, how about iron hands ex? Power up, and watch lugia vstar fall to amp you very much?
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    All 101 “Mask of Change” Main Set Cards Revealed!

    First, is it because it required THREE energy vs. TWO? Second, it's type is dark, meaning, assuming it requires two to use, dark patch means it is one manual attachment away from being able to use the attack. Third, now we have an easy way to get the last counter: Brute Bonnet PAR and the...
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    “Paradise Dragona” Set Name Trademarked for the Pokemon TCG!

    Off T reaction: Japan in September or October? ^ As of May, the normal US schedule returns, or so they say, maybe not 1st Friday normal, but unless we come back to that for August, we, the fans, may have a problem come English street date, as we could see a Black Friday week set street date...
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    “Temporal Forces” Set Guide: Card List, Secret Rares, Cut Cards, Products, and More!

    Whoa! I didn't see the awesome great tusk 1-prizer that is great at milling(discarding opposing deck cards).. No need for bad types or stage 2s this time. Just sada vitality, attach, and get milling! I'd better come up with a strategy against that for prerelease time!
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    Alt. Format Post-Rotation '23-'24: Two-Faced Gouger (Gouging Fire ex TEF/Entei V/Gengar PAF/Moltres PGO)

    Pokémon - 13 3 Gouging Fire ex TEF 38 2 Entei V BRS 22 2 Gastly PAF 55 2 Gengar PAF 57 3 Moltres PGO 12 1 Radiant Greninja ASR 46 Trainer Cards - 37 4 Professor Sada's Vitality PAR 170 3 Iono PAL 185 2 Boss's Orders PAL 172 2 Arven OBF 186 4 Nest Ball SVI 181 4 Trekking Shoes CRZ 145 4 Ultra...
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    “Pokemon TCG Pocket” Immersive Collecting App Coming in 2024!

    Maybe gen 1 trainer mechanics(supporters as item cards)? If not, and no engine for drawing for a game that claims to be bare-bones tcg w/ QofL updates, what else can be a realistic engine to get your needs on the bench for the six prizes quicker?
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    Pokemon Day Preview Teases Tera Ogerpon ex, Tera Greninja ex, and Eevee Illustration Rare!

    Pokemon Day news: TCG Pocket is announced on the presentation for PKMND! But since it looks like custom cards... Unless the real sets are introduced, not likely a TCG Live replacement... :( On-topic: Wish the Tera Ogerpon ex is good. To most competitive players, artwork alone means nothing...
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    Infernape Line, Pinsir, and New Illustration Rares Revealed from “Crimson Haze!”

    Hmm... That infernape... Poor man's garganacl in Raging bolt at best: As it's easier to have energy in discard or deck, I'm afraid that this Infernape is outclassed by Garganacl, Sada's vitality, and turbo energize. Worse yet, stage 2... Garganacl may also be a stage 2, but Bibarel, Skwovet...
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    Standard Post-Rotation: Future Prism (Iron Valiant ex / Iron Crown ex / Miraidon / Xatu)

    But if you use 2 valiant, there's only 1 available spot on bench, assuming 3 crown as well... Is 280 per turn ok in this meta? If yes, then I apologize, as I thought people use 300+ hp pokemon in meta. Even then, 280 damage is "2RKO by damage-then-devolution" territory... Is that what you are...
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    Standard Post-Rotation: Future Prism (Iron Valiant ex / Iron Crown ex / Miraidon / Xatu)

    Nice deck, but 3 iron crowns leave you with no room for all your basics on Bench. ^ If you plan to attack on your 2nd turn, you might not have any bench room to do Bits and be able to attack w/ 2 psychics and 1 colorless needed to do so w/ Valiant. If you want to do more than 280 AND KO...
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    “Mask of Change” Releasing in April Featuring Ogerpon ex; New Ogerpon, Charizard, and Chien-Pao TCG Products!

    If the masks are ace specs, Opergon will be more vulnerable to lost vacuum than if the masks were not ace spec masks: lost zone means out for game, and if Opergon base is not as strong as masked... :(
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    About your post: One, EXes are today's Pokemon-Vs sans the once-per-game powers that Vstars...

    About your post: One, EXes are today's Pokemon-Vs sans the once-per-game powers that Vstars have. EXes don't evolve? Look at Mega-EXes: Mega-EXes came in XY after the generation EXes were introduced. Unlike VMAXes, EXes/Mega-EXes give two prize cards post-KO! Two, Pokemon-exes are GXes w/o the...
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    Fruit stripe is not the only product that low sales killed off: It happens to every product that...

    Fruit stripe is not the only product that low sales killed off: It happens to every product that sells at prices lower than MSRP and still doesn't sell. B&B stadiums and post release pokemon tcg prerelease promos are now discontinued by the manufacturer, as stores had to discount them, to little...
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    Hero’s Cape ACE SPEC Revealed from “Cyber Judge!”

    Great. More StallLax tools... ...Any form of Luxorious Cape w/o the 2 prize drawback benefits StallLax by putting it out of Minior 1HKO range w/o Mawile LOR, and emboldens the ban callers even more... But if anyone is enraged over not being able to retreat w/o trainers such as switches, then...
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    Discussion Nintendo updated appropriate content guidelines and tournament guidelines. Any impressions?

    1. Nintendo network content guidelines 2. Nintendo tournament guidelines ^ I believe this is a big deal to Play! Pokemon tournaments, as well as Smash tournaments, as they typically go over 200 people offline, so I think Nintnedo, unless the regulations do not apply to "sanctioned by Nintendo"...
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    Treasures of Ruin Cards, New Evolution / Devolution Technical Machines Revealed from SV4!

    ...Not to mention, to add to the above point, the devolution TM is more dehabilitating to Evolution decks as a whole. In decks that run Kirlia for draw, a minimum of 6 counters on stage 1s everywhere, will virtually end the game by prize count unless one of those stage 1s have gone stage 2, at...