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    The New Turbo Dark — Pecharunt ex and the Loyal Three

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    New Year, New You — How to Succeed in the 2024-25 Season

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    The Overlooked Rogue – Big Lux

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    TCG Fakes Scarlet & Violet: Final Stand

    Sure. How long do you think it'll be before they're done?
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    TCG Fakes Scarlet & Violet: Final Stand

    I will still need artwork regardless of "release" date. If you want me to reserve a piece for you, let me know, so I can let others know not to do it.
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    The Best Way to Play Dragapult ex — A Look at Regidrago VSTAR

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    TCG Fakes Scarlet & Violet: Final Stand

    Here is a list of all the Pokemon (excluding Pokemon ex or art I've already asked for that I'm waiting on) that I still need art for: Litleo Pyroar (Light) Armarouge (Light) Ceruledge (Light) Falinks Pawniard (Dark) Bisharp Maschiff Mabosstiff Doublade (Dark) Copperajah Tyrunt (Dark) Hakamo-o...
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    Ledyba, Ledian from Stellar Miracle!

    The Ledian fan in me wants to cheer, but I'm sad that this card is so bad. It's par for the course for Ledian cards, though... if only its attack did 10 more damage...
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    TPCi Disqualifies Entries from 2024’s Pokemon TCG Illustrator Contest!

    I am not surprised to see you are just as much of a contrarian shitter now as you were years ago, c_p, but I am disappointed. Guys, remember, when it comes to bait posts, the only winning move is not to play.
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    TCG Fakes Scarlet & Violet: Final Stand

    If you're interested, join our Discord (it's linked in my signature). We would love to see your artwork and help you get playing on our simulator.
  11. PMJ

    TCG Fakes Scarlet & Violet: Final Stand

    The drawings are indeed okay. I'm not sure what you're getting at with this. Most of the cards are done already, so I don't need help in that regard. If you're an artist, there are some cards I do need art for!
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    TCG Fakes Scarlet & Violet: Final Stand

    It's been ten years since the strange phenomena known as the Cheerfultility began spreading throughout the world. First, it affected the Pokémon. Some turned docile; some turned into bloodthirsty killing machines. Eventually, the humans began to fall victim to the Cheerfultility themselves, and...
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    Ancient Box Crushes the Current Meta

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    Klinklang Line from Stellar Miracle!

    Card is straight booty Cpao shareholders still in no danger
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    Leaving a Legacy — Lugia VSTAR at NAIC

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    We’re Not Done Yet — Chien-Pao in the Twilight Masquerade Format

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    Future Sight — Looking Ahead to Shrouded Fable

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    The Ultimate Past Format Guide

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    Lost Box Wins! Reviewing NAIC and the Optimized First-Place List

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    Top 300 Entries Selected for 2024’s Pokemon TCG Illustration Contest!

    Congrats to my pal, former PokeBeach site artist and all around stand up gentleman @Xous for making the cut (again)!