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  1. GM DracLord

    Discussion Scarlet and Violet "Partial Set List"

    Your Tatsugiri is wrongly typed Is it just me or it's like 1 miriam is missing
  2. GM DracLord

    Art Rares Return to “Scarlet ex & Violet ex!”

    Hope this tradition continues rather then just having the exes having full art we can see normal pokemon getting them
  3. GM DracLord

    Contest November 2022 CaC: Scarlet & Violet (All Results Up!)

    I like to apologise as I was caught up with work and personal matter that i totally forgot to log in to the site..
  4. GM DracLord

    Contest November 2022 CaC: Scarlet & Violet (All Results Up!)

    Trying my luck for text again
  5. GM DracLord

    Discussion Silver Tempest Partial Set List

    Is it safe to assume some of the card are from the yet to be fully revealed paradigm trigger>/?
  6. GM DracLord

    Discussion List of fully evolved Pokémon that haven't received Ultra Rare cards yet

    I do thing Break, Crystal & Shining (Neo) should be counted also
  7. GM DracLord

    Contest September 2022 CaC: Middle Stages (All Results Up!)

    I'm trying to go back to the classic era with Team Rocket expansion as my main reference
  8. GM DracLord

    Milotic Line, Wallace from ‘Incandescent Arcana’!

    Just notice something, I think it has been a while for a trainer card especially supporter like wallace to be a common card
  9. GM DracLord

    Discussion Lost Origin Partial Setlist

    I believe this are cards that have been left out (if we also incluse known Promos) HCP : VMAX Climax 184/194 Flaaffy L CHR E 184/199 Malamar P CHR E 184/202 Rockruff F CHR E 184/203 Passimian F CHR E 184/209 Druddigon N CHR E 184/213 Kricketune V G CSR E...
  10. GM DracLord

    “Lost Origin” English Set List, Trainer Gallery, and More!

    Is it me or does #181 Enamorus V placement seems wrong as [P] has been coming first in tcg arrangement .
  11. GM DracLord

    Contest July 2022 CaC: Lost Zone II (All Results Up!)

    I'm going with the Prism Card era Reference <> = Prism Star
  12. GM DracLord

    Contest July 2022 CaC: Lost Zone II (All Results Up!)

    I'm going for the text based this round,
  13. GM DracLord

    Contest May 2022 CaC: On-Drop Effects (All Results Up!)

    Just my timing. Anyway good luck everyone
  14. GM DracLord

    Cresselia, Switch Cart from ‘Time Gazer’!

    We were hopefully if any near card could fully replace an older card permanently, but this item could easily be used by the V-Pokemon
  15. GM DracLord

    Contest March 2022 CaC: One Per Deck (All Results Up!)

    I'm more than abit rusty in making fan cards but I'm trying once more Reference -{L} Symbol fo Lord card. -I'm using 3rd Gen TCG as my reference (Pokemon Star n delta species) -When imagining the card, imagin the artwork extend toaward the attack area (refer LEGENDS)...
  16. GM DracLord

    Pokemon VSTAR Mechanic Revealed: Arceus VSTAR!

    So my custom Ability: QX mechanic has more leway giving it 1 QX ability per turn rather then the 1 per game VSTAR abilility, The way i see them there are just slightly underpower VMAX with useful 1 off ability
  17. GM DracLord

    TCG Fakes 31 Days of CaC: A Month-Long Look at 10 Years of History

    For me it's the timing, really want to go through all of them again but unfortunately just like how my time in Beach become limited due to work, so as this place, can't believe it been this long already though