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  1. Gentlefish

    Pokemon Pokemon Company Courting Hollywood for Live Action Pokemon Movie!

    See, if it was going to be full CGI it would work; they could just do a souped-up version of the Gen VI games' style. But live action basically means this is going to be handled how TMNT was handled, sooo... And then there's the matter of story- or rather, the utter lack thereof. Like the...
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    'CoroCoro' Teases 'Sun' and 'Moon' News in Next Issue

  3. Gentlefish

    'Ash-Greninja-EX Box' in April!

    No, because this is the awkward name they gave to Greninja's "I'm starting to look like my Trainer for some reason" form.
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    Supposed Insider Information for Next Pokemon Games

    "The two games have been in development for six years, longer than any main series Pokemon game in history." NOPE NOPE NOT READING ANYMORE I CAN PROBABLY WAIT Edit: came back out of curiosity and desire to procrastinate on my homework and read the comments. Ha... haha... ha... well then.
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    Pokken Championship Series Starts February 27th at Select Gamestop Stores

    I live RIGHT BY one of these GameStops! I'm definitely going to try to attend. This could be my only chance to try Pokken out, haha. Ha... ha... sniff At any rate, I guess I'll spend the week after Regionals playing Smash to hone my reflexes? If it makes you feel any better, this is almost...
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    Magiana Revealed in 'CoroCoro!'

    Recently I've been becoming more and more convinced that Z is going to be announced on the 27th (what better day to announce the next chapter, right?) and release this year. Barring "6.5," that seems almost certain now - the reveal schedule is now a mascot, a mythical AND a next-gen Pokémon...
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    Mew OR/AS Download, RGBY-Themed 2DS to be Released with Mew!

    I want that green 2DS. :(
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    'CoroCoro' Reveals Volcanion

    For the record, I'm pretty sure that 'funky ring' everyone's talking about is actually two appendages that separate to spray water or steam or whatever out of holes on the ends. I don't think I saw it in gameplay footage, though, so take that with a grain of salt. Also, I'm a bit surprised...
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    'CoroCoro' Reveals Volcanion

    Erm... pretty much every issue between ORAS announcement and release? I might just be remembering the highlights, but still- starter Megas, Kanto Megas, Mega Rayquaza, gym leader designs... Edit: Actually, I kinda just proved your point; all that was over a year ago. Anyway, here's something to...
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    ORAS 2016 VG Format Announced, More Legendary-Friendly

    Rayquaza actually isn't that great due it being a glass cannon that relies on single-target moves. VGC16 is the reign of Groudon.
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    'Blue Impact' / 'Red Flash' Japan's XY8 Sets, Next Set Block Titled 'XY: BREAK!'

    As has already been stated, Pokemon Box Ruby & Sapphire and Pokemon Bank. Also, I'm surprised no one is talking about the fact that Bridgette is arguably more nosebleed-worthy here than Skyla was in her recent full-art. Edit: Alright, I got ninja'd while I was struggling with the server...
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    'Blue Impact' / 'Red Flash' Japan's XY8 Sets, Next Set Block Titled 'XY: BREAK!'

    This is probably the first Pokemon to have the entirety of its body displayed outside of the card window.
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    Hi. Just wanted to let you know that you shouldn't need AS to get the event Sharpedo; I'm sure...

    Hi. Just wanted to let you know that you shouldn't need AS to get the event Sharpedo; I'm sure they'll distribute it to both games.
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    Mega Evolution Act IV Trailer: Green Booger Minion, Malva Footage

    I think one of the main reasons Mega Evolution works like it does is so that GameFreak can circumvent the hard-and-fast 'three stages maximum' rule. I kinda doubt they're just going to proceed to throw it away and give a three-stage line a baby stage for no good reason.
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    Worlds 2015 Sharpedo Distribution, Worlds Theme

    Sharpedo distribution... Team Aqua logo on Pikachu's (dapper) pirate hat... a Sapphire-exclusive Pokemon in the background... Oh, I see how it is.
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    Debate: What is the "Real Value" of a Card?

    I think that for the most part I agree with Exxtrooper: In the end trading cards are, like money, pieces of paper/cardboard to which we arbitrarily assign value (even when money is backed by gold, our valuing the gold is pretty arbitrary as well). Of course, the fact that they're also game...
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    'Blue Impact' / 'Red Flash' Japan's XY8 Sets, Next Set Block Titled 'XY: BREAK!'

    Hm... So the new Zoroark line is a thing of beauty, but Raichu and Noivern aren't looking all that convincing to me. That's a pity, 'cause I was hoping I would get a chance to fix my bat deck. Also, that theme music is hype.
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    Supreme Court Legalizes Gay Marriage

    I'm not entirely sure if we're saying the same thing here or not, but I think I agree. But keep in mind that (in my understanding) there's a difference in the objectives of the commands in the Old and New Testaments, which is why going from the NT to the OT is rather jarring. No, not exactly...
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    Supreme Court Legalizes Gay Marriage

    It concerns me that most of the discussion here regarding the Bible seems to be based off Google searches of small portions rather than any actual understanding of the text. It's a massive book and the easiest thing in the world (apparently) to misinterpret. I know that Christians you've...
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    Spin-Off Charizard and Weavile Confirmed as Playable Characters in 'Pokken Tournament'

    As much as I prefer Charizard Y, X makes more sense for a fighting game, IMO. Then again, I guess they still managed Gardevoir, despite it being a special attacker... Big difference between being everywhere in one generation and being everywhere over six of them. Don't diss Torterra, k...