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    Pokemon Interesting Pokémon Facts

    Yeah, pokedex entries tend to contradict each other anyway. Fun Fact: No pokedex entry until Fire Red for Charmander in the games says that Charmander will die if its tail flame goes out. Most entries these days state that if the charmander is weak the flame on its tail will be weak and if it...
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    Pokemon Mega Stones' Mystery

    I would call it canon to its own universe just like how the regular anime is canon to its own universe, how the games are canon to their own universe/universes, and how the manga is canon to its own universe. Origins is canon, just not canon to the other forms of pokemon media.
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    Pokemon Mega Stones' Mystery

    Or storywise: Everyone at first assumed that Mega stones were only found in Kalos but then they found out that they were wrong. Remember that Mega Rayquaza appears in a legend and we do not know how far back that legend goes. AZ is 3,000 plus years old but that legend might be older than him.
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    XY Your Shiny Hunts

    I have pokemon X so these are what I have randomly running into a horde of wingull with a shiny one, traded it away for a Giratine (and it was accepted) randomly ran into a shiny Kakuna (now a beedrill, waiting to see if I will get a suicune from it) Bred a shiny Charizard (Not giving it away...
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    Pokemon Your Very First Shiny? What Did You Think, And How Did You React?

    Red Gyarados like just about everyone who played G/S/C/HG/SS Other than that? Shiny Magikarp hatched from an egg in the original G/S/C games.
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    XY Wonder Trade Stories

    Sadly I do not have your luck except getting a Shiny Rayquaza for my Moltres over GTS but that is a different story. I did however get most of the previous gen starters (Charmander not included) due to wonder trade.
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    Pokemon Why Do People Think Pokémon is Evil?

    All the controversies surrounding it I guess? Anyone remember the Burger King Pokeball recall? That is just one reason why some people think it is evil but one has to remember that it was a thirteen month old girl that suffocated to death because of a plastic pokeball toy . . . a toy that most...
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    ORAS Emerald Dilemma

    Sounds like Mega Rayquaza might be able to stay mega evolution outside of battle. Key word might and it is also just a theory due to that legend.
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    ORAS Which Version and Starter Will You Choose?

    RE: What version and starter do you choose? Alpha Sapphire with Treecko, seriously, that thing is a bit more versatile imo and the gyms that use types that it is weak against have their own weaknesses practically surrounding them anyway. I also like Kyogre a bit more than Groudon anyway.
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    Pokemon A Pokémon For Each Real World Country

    RE: A Pokémon For Each Real World Country - Post Your List! Bonus, thanks for guessing points I guess XD Oh I have this for Ireland: Xerneas because Megaloceros is commonly known as the Irish Elk and Xerneas seems to be partially based on the Megaloceros (as well as multiple mythological...
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    Pokemon Interesting Pokémon Facts

    Way to state the obvious there Girafarig, Eevee, Ho-Oh, and Alomomola have something and common, guess what that would be.
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    Pokemon Your Favourite Villainous Team

    Team Rocket but for different reasons. They seemed a bit more competent than the other villain teams (with Plasma basically tying with them for competency), well in the games at least it is just that you made them seem like they were not competent. Team Rocket invaded Silph Co. and even invaded...
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    Pokemon A Pokémon For Each Real World Country

    RE: A Pokémon For Each Real World Country - Post Your List! Might want to do your reasearch there buddy. Egypt: Fennekin, Lucario, any Egyptian themed pokemon really. Other saharan pokemon: really any desert dwelling pokemon that is based on an african animal. Other African nations: Luxray...
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    ORAS Expectations of Shiny Pokémon in Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire

    RE: Shiny Mechanics in Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire I swear if they shiny lock the trio I will write a very harsh complaint to Nintendo and Game Freak.
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    XY Nickname Censoring in Pokémon X & Y

    RE: Nickname Censoring in Pokémon X / Y the word dude is another name for an infected hair on and elephant's posterior apparently. I think I know why the word gong went through fine. It is a type of instrument of some sort similar to cymbals.
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    XY How does the Fairy-type affect Trainers, Leaders , Elite 4 & Champions?

    RE: The Fairy Type Gym Leader "Valerie" is From Johto? Her main pokemon is that Miltank of hers. Do not even dare use a ghost type against it in Heart Gold by thinking it can not hit said ghost type because that Miltank will quickly stomp on that ghost. That said clefairy was not a...
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    XY Shiny Locks

    RE: Shiny locks. It is still a stupid idea, and gamefreak is probably wondering why people hack the games to get shiny legendaries at times too. Quick, someone write a letter to Nintendo and Gamefreak. Nintendo to have them get their act together and Gamefreak to stop putting in shiny...
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    XY Alternate Form for Zygarde?

    RE: Will Zygarde have an alternate form? It should get a new forme with that ability. It would also be murdering Yveltal due to ground type.
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    XY Pokémon That Don't Learn Attacks That Fit Them - Why Should They Learn Them?

    off topic: Holy crap man, when did you get an upgrade? last I saw you post you were not a super moderator. Back on topic: Gyarados has a shallow level up move pool, we already established that, it also learns many attacks of different types including dragon types for its draconic basis...
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    XY Physical/Special Moves That Don't Fit The Category - Explain Your Reasoning!

    I just realized that razor leaf is a physical move . . . sure it kind of makes sense but at the same time it does not.