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    All 64 “Night Wanderer” Main Set Cards Revealed!

    Night-Time Academy might be a very good fit for decks weak to Iono! Since it allows you to save at least one crucial card for next turn, like a Professor Research or a Boss's Orders...
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    Decidueye Line from “Night Wanderer”

    Rowlet, as the most cute, round and perfect pokémon ever, deserves it more!! :D
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    New Ultra PRO “Elite Series” Accessories Featuring Lucario!

    I think it's because Ash got an Incineroar in the anime?
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    Slaying the Dark Dragon — Countering Charizard ex’s Dominance

    Pidgeot control is the truly best Charizard slayer :P They just cannot get past a combination of Mimikyu and Klawf-ex combined with disruption discarding their rods, candies, etc. to accelerate the process. Unless they play different, specific cards, like Hand Clippers or maybe Regieleki to...
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    Survival Cast from “Crimson Haze!”

    Well, we finally get just what I thought could make cards like the new Bianca's Devotion at least... worth giving them a thought?
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    “Pokémon LEGENDS: Z-A” Teased for Nintendo Switch in 2025!

    I think we need to differentiate between "rumors" and "people's hypothesis". Too often on the Internet, you find people and even supposedly serious news websites (and clickbaiting Youtube channels, etc.) talking about people's hypothesis as if they were rumors. I guess it begins with people...
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    “Pokémon LEGENDS: Z-A” Teased for Nintendo Switch in 2025!

    I've been wanting a Mega Mismagius for, like, forever. I always envisioned it being ghost/fairy with magic guard. But we already got it. It's called Flutter Mane lolz xD It even has the same idea of the exact same amount of special attack-special defense-speed. So yeah, I lost faith in a...
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    “Pokémon LEGENDS: Z-A” Teased for Nintendo Switch in 2025!

    Except for the first two gens remakes, they've always left one gen in between gens with remakes. I knew for sure there weren't going to be remakes for Black/White yet. We'll have them during gen 10. And no, having had the second part of the DLC happen in that region was not nearly enough reason...
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    Shiny Scyther, Scizor from Shiny Treasure ex!

    To me, there is no doubt there, though. The illustration rare is just plain gorgeous :D
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    Kingdra from “Ancient Roar”

    If we ever get a Kingra-ex, then this one could might be a nice finisher, the same way Kyogre does.
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    Armarouge ex, Golisopod ex, Illustration Rares, and More from “Ancient Roar” and “Future Flash” Revealed!

    I don't know if anyone has noticed, but they made a Golisopod that can retreat to the bench after attacking at the same time they "reprinted" a "Poké Doll", as well as giving us a Espathra that becomes completely inmune the turn it evolves. Right now we've Mimikyu V, though, which can even be...
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    Aegislash Line from “Raging Surf!”

    Well, now we just need an Aegislash ex :)
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    Gengar Line from “Raging Surf!”

    Maybe if we get a good Gengar ex down the line, this one could be used as a one-of
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    Deoxys, Heat Rotom, Volcanion, and More from Tera Mewtwo and Skeledirge Decks!

    Yes, this, everyone keeps talking about how Xatu is not needed in psychic decks, when it accelerates ANY type of basic energy. EDIT: Lol, or so I thought, did the translation get corrected? Lool xD I eat my words then.
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    TPCi Announces Worlds Fantasy Team Contest to Win Prizes!

    If they have offices in London, then there shouldn't be that much of a problem to also hold this in Europe, right?
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    TPCi Announces Worlds Fantasy Team Contest to Win Prizes!

    Only Trainers in the United States can enter As always. It being restricted to US accounts isn’t too surprising when TPCi has to factor in taxes, shipping, and other expenditures when it comes to hosting contests. It’s also worth noting that contests like these may be illegal in certain...
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    Full Art Ortega from “Ruler of the Black Flame!”

    You forget about the Zubat from 151, which allows you to see your opponent's hand while it is active. I really think control is getting more good cards, lately, but shh, I must go now before N's Rhyperior appears to tell me "who plays control", lol.
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    A Mean Look at Arceus VSTAR/Umbreon VMAX

    Weell, at first I was saying that if I was serious enough in the game I'd probably not be paying for this anyway. That doesn't mean I think the system is unjust or anything, I just didn't stop to think that this might be the main sustenance for Pokébeach. Otherwise I wouldn't have said something...
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    A Mean Look at Arceus VSTAR/Umbreon VMAX

    "otherwise Pokébeach wouldn't be here" Sorry, I just don't know how to quote and answer at the same time, lol :p Yes, obviously that's a pretty good point. Still, do you really think Youtube content is hastily procuced, bad quality content? Some "pokétubers" probably do that, but I think that...