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    All 108 “Ruler of the Black Flame” Cards Revealed!

    If electric decks ever become meta again: Thundurus provides bench protection, but it kinda kills itself very easily idk if this would be worth it Bellibolt wars would be sooooo obnoxious, as only other Bellibolt in electric decks could damage it so it would be a game of whose Bellibolt dies first
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    “Pokemon Card 151” Secret Rare Cards Revealed — God Packs Confirmed!

    aaaaaand of course it's alakazam. Good for it, it can finally be in an evolution line and even got a Special Illustration Raere
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    “Ruler of the Black Flame” Officially Announced for Japan!

    The Eiscue is Fire type, but they missed an opportunity to make it the noice form and have the ice melted by the fire tera cap. Anyways 160 discard one energy and your opponent can't attack next turn can just be countered by switching cards or retreat so not that good I suppose
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    Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar from “Pokemon Card 151!”

    What is Lost Soul Return even supposed to do for you man
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    “Obsidian Flames” Officially Revealed, First Products from the Set!

    It seems like Eiscue and Vespiquen are getting differently typed exs while Greedent ex is normal tera. Melmetal ex is coming this set so I suppose this set includes the starter decks? Vespiquen would be very cool to see on a pack art not gonna lie
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    “ex Special Set” Featuring Toedscruel ex, Pawmot ex, Houndstone ex!

    Holy shit these cards look good what happened to 5ban Anyways, hoping we get more good grass types so I can use the glory known as Wo-Chien Forretress /s
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    New Pokemon Center Double Deck Boxes and Card Sleeves!

    Imagine releasing Lunarock deck boxes and card sleeves after Lunarock was pushed out of viability
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    “Snow Hazard” and “Clay Burst” Sets Featuring Chien-Pao ex and Ting-Lu ex Officially Revealed!

    Wait, what's the new Dedenne-GX variant? Squakabilly? Also Salt Cure actually cures now.
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    “Scarlet ex and Violet ex” Cards Fully Revealed!

    Does the Wugtrio discard 3 cards per heads or 3 cards maximum per move use?