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  1. don()shinobi

    Shiny Eternatus Code Cards Confirmed for GameStop!

    Cool, it's been confirmed now. Thank you for posting the source.
  2. don()shinobi

    “Pokemon ex” Return, New “Scarlet & Violet” TCG Cards Revealed at Worlds!

    Or... you know... to hide what type they themselves are.
  3. don()shinobi

    TPCi Announces Unscripted Pokemon TCG Series, Opens Casting Calls!

    The excessive use of the word "unscripted" should tell you this is absolutely scripted.
  4. don()shinobi

    July’s Pokemon Center TCG Products for “Lost Abyss” Revealed!

    So how are we gonna get that Speed Deoxys card? Or are we just not?
  5. don()shinobi

    ‘Pokemon GO Premiere Deck Holder Collection’ Featuring Dragonite Revealed!

    The packaging genuinely looks like a bootleg product.
  6. don()shinobi

    First ‘Pokemon GO’ TCG Cards and Products Revealed!

    Those octagonal tins legit look bootleg lol
  7. don()shinobi

    Logan Paul Sets Guinness World Record for Most Expensive Pokemon Card Purchase Ever

    Can we stop giving this guy attention, please? I get that it's a record-setting for a franchise we're passionate for, but out of everyone we can give attention, we give it to this guy?
  8. don()shinobi

    Togekiss from ‘Space Juggler’!

    Their best.
  9. don()shinobi

    VMAX Pokemon Are Returning to Sets: Heatran VMAX Revealed!

    Didn't some Legendaries/Mythicals miss out on being EXs during the time when they were exclusively Legendaries and Mythicals? Wouldn't be unheard of if they skipped out on those Gigantamaxes.
  10. don()shinobi

    TPCi Donates $200,000 to Humanitarian Crisis in Ukraine

    Good job. Thumbs up to you, TPCI.
  11. don()shinobi

    TPCi Publishes Updated COVID-19 Protocols, Live Event Registration Now Open

    Good. These should have been put in place like 9 months ago, but better late than never, I suppose.
  12. don()shinobi

    Errata Announced for ‘Brilliant Stars’ Garchomp Due to Text Error

    I read this as a Trump tweet and it made it so much better lol
  13. don()shinobi

    Florida Regional Championships Have Been Canceled

    Event in Florida being canceled? When the governor is actively working to be as anti-public health as possible? Wow, who would have guessed?
  14. don()shinobi

    ‘Pokemon GO’ TCG Set to Release in June!

    Neat and all, but like... are bootlegs still riding the Pokemon Go train? Like slapping the Pokemon Go logo on everything to make it seem legit? Won't this just give em fuel to keep doing that?
  15. don()shinobi

    New Regigigas Promo in ‘CoroCoro Ichiban’

    Regigigas Lv.X was peak design for Regigigas cards. All went downhill from there. Neat art tho.
  16. don()shinobi

    Brand New Pikachu VMAX Releasing in ‘CoroCoro!’

    "What's wrong, Ash-kun? Could it be you're craving my... McPokés?"