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    Pokemon TCG Sold Record 9.1 Billion Cards in 2021!

    It’s meant for children but it’s not a children game.
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    Winners Announced for 2022’s Pokemon TCG Illustration Contest!

    Once again in classic tones a massively wasted opportunity by the pokemon company in this artist contests by not buying out a bunch of these pieces of artwork and selling them as play mats because ive seen about 30 different pieces of artwork i would gladly pay $25-50 per as a playmat. Whoever...
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    Hisuian Arcanine, Phione from ‘Dark Phantasma’

    It seems to me that they are going to be slowly overtime lowering the HP cap which will in turn decelerate the power creep. Good for the game. IMO.
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    Trainer’s Toolkit 2022 Revealed, Includes Alternate Art Lumineon V Promos!

    Sometimes I question the sensibility in their business logic.
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    Logan Paul Sets Guinness World Record for Most Expensive Pokemon Card Purchase Ever

    i think this just makes him the biggest idiot alive to spend that much money on a pokemon card
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    “Time Gazer” and “Space Juggler” Fully Revealed!

    So many options for creative stadiums and they decide to print a stadium with an effect of another card that already exists in the format lol. Wtf
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    ‘Brilliant Stars’ English Set List!

    do you think battle styles will be the cut off for next rotation?
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    PSA: Team Challenge 3 Players Now Restricted to State of Residence

    If I have ever read a regurgitated politicians statement on an issue, I’ve just read one lol.
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    Japan Getting a 'BW / XY Expanded Box' in October

    Does anybody else foresee what I do? They are doing this because after this year they will make a rotation for Expanded and cut most of, if not all B&W out.
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    'Alter Genesis,' 'High Class Pack 2019' Sets Announced for Japan!

    Attach 2 Island Challenge Amulet to Genesect GX. It has -30HP?
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    'Trevenant-GX Box' in October!

    I wouldn’t bother to care about removing energies from a Pokémon that will be knocked out lol
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    'Pokemon V' Mechanic Announced: Zacian V, Zamazenta V from 'Sword & Shield!'

    Looks like the revealed card has an energy acceleration ability that ends your turn.
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    Several 'Dream League' Cards Revealed, Including Special Full Arts!

    Think bigger. Like energy acceleration Morgan engine.
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    'Remix Bout,' Japan's July Set!

    Blacephalon + Greens Engine + Magius + Beast Ring? Then late game Energy Switch and attach into Gartina TTGX with Fighting Dojo to swing for 280 and finish the game?
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    Standard Zoroark Greninja Tag Team GX

    Sharpedo engine with 18-20 energy count is soooo much better. Run 2-3 Devo Spray Z, the energy stay on the basic fish guy. Search and re-evolve next turn, add more energy. Hitting for 300+ damage without a choice band is nice.
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    Alt. Format Honchkrow Deck

    Honchkrow + Shedninja + Black Market. Prize deny, tool deny, keep the Black Market safe with Homchkrow’s ability, special energy denial. Bench a 2nd Honchcrow so they can only Guzma into another homchcrow and your Black Market is safe. I also thought about inserting Persian into this deck...
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    Several Mushroom Cards Revealed from 'Miracle Twins!'

    Terrakion is easy without DCE. Run welder and attach for turn. There’s viridian, rainbow brush, rainbow energy, unit energy. Tons of ways to get a fast terrakion.
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    SM11 Miracle Twins!

    The dark energy accelerator is Sharpedo from unbroken bonds after you evolve and hit the ability you Nanu into it, Dedenne GX becomes your deck thinning draw support, on top of benching 1-2 Sableye from celestial storm to thin out your top 6 cards to ensure energy hits. You play the game from...
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    'Blue Impact' / 'Red Flash' Japan's XY8 Sets, Next Set Block Titled 'XY: BREAK!'

    You think you'd be able to successfully run 2 stage 2 lines and a stage 1 in this format?
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    'Blue Impact' / 'Red Flash' Japan's XY8 Sets, Next Set Block Titled 'XY: BREAK!'

    Here is a crazy foreign idea that I bet nobody has ever thought of that will blow all these other ideas out of the water... Let's just go back to the way pokemon use to be! The card creators and pokemon as a whole have realized the danger they have done to the game. To have to create cards...