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  1. lnoirrionl

    “Shiny Treasure ex” Secret Rares Revealed: 170 Cards!

    From my perspective, for France, the ratios are a disaster. I believe in the USA, you may not realize how fortunate you are; here, everything is monopolized, and nobody is fighting for us. We've been asking the Pokémon Company to take action for years. On Pokémon trades, very few people have...
  2. lnoirrionl

    “Shiny Treasure ex” Secret Rares Revealed: 170 Cards!

    Isn't it the worst set ever created, full reprint with awful effects ? With 200 ultra-rare cards, it's just the worst set. The drop rates are going to be catastrophic, and everyone will be forced to buy because boosters will quickly become rare. For collectors, it's going to be one set too...
  3. lnoirrionl

    “Shiny Treasure ex” Officially Revealed!

    Hey, I see a minimum of 331 cards for this series. If we keep going like this, we'll end up with an expansion of 400 cards. We're truly breaking all records, honestly, who completes these collections? It's too much, way too much; we're heading for trouble. It's so ridiculous to have a series...
  4. lnoirrionl

    Van Gogh Museum Cancels Pikachu Promo Distribution!

    Could the Pokémon Company finally one day listen to the concerns of French collectors? Because in terms of overpriced products, we are the most expensive country in the world to buy our boosters, and they never seem to think of us. Thank you, guys. We never get anything. We're being fully...
  5. lnoirrionl

    News 'Roaring Skies' Getting Another Print Run!

    In France we need the print of gym set and skyridge. And the reprint of néo sets because the price is horrible.
  6. lnoirrionl

    'Mega Mewtwo Box' in November

    Why in Europe , it has no right to figurines and pins as you ? While we paid more ... And in the box with the mega versions , you have to buy two instead of a box . Example with absol ex, we paid 1 box for the mega and 1 other for the simple...
  7. lnoirrionl

    Pokemon Pokémon Center in Paris

    Hello dear American pokemon fans, We got the info that Pokemon center arrives on Paris in France. If you have the opportunity to France during the month of June you may be able to find exclusive lots. Source (in french)...
  8. lnoirrionl

    Online TCG beta launched.

    Hi, Is a French version is planned?? English is not necessarily a concern for me but I hope those responsible will not forget the Europeans. Sorry if my sentence is not perfect.
  9. lnoirrionl

    Do you have a large collection?

    I have complete base set Jungle Fosil Team Rocket (including dark raichu) neo genesis neo discovery neo revelation neo destiny and DP1 most often only want a few holos and obviously the ultrarares but I'm complicated I have a workbook where I first took the best card for each Pokemon...
  10. lnoirrionl

    Do you have a large collection?

    Thanks error corrected I add that I collect from and then 10 years so it is still not anything either ^^
  11. lnoirrionl

    Do you have a large collection?

    Hello everyone, I apologize in advance if the subject has already been done but I did not find in the search function. (I admit that my French is my default for this) I wondered who had the largest collection of cards here and in the world??? or if you feel you have a large collection can show...
  12. lnoirrionl

    (1) New Pokemon Revealed in B/W Demo Buses [8/6]

    Episode 084 a scare in the air It's Darumakka ???