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  1. LilyLopears

    Top 300 Entries Selected for 2024’s Pokemon TCG Illustration Contest!

    Wow I wonder who they could be /sarcasm
  2. LilyLopears

    New ACE SPEC, Pokevital A, Revealed from “Night Wanderer!”

    I had a Pokestop discard my Maximum Belt... learned this one the hard way myself.
  3. LilyLopears

    Registration for NAIC Pokemon Center Opens Thursday Morning

    I'm not in school anymore, I'm just broke lmao.
  4. LilyLopears

    Kieran Special Illustration Rare from “Mask of Change”

    With how many other old mechanics have returned (the old style of ex's, TMs, Ace Specs, Terastal sorta being Delta Species in spirit), I do wonder if we'll get another equivalent of Shining/Star/Radiant Pokemon eventually. ...maybe that's how Stellar type will translate to the TCG?
  5. LilyLopears

    Kieran Special Illustration Rare from “Mask of Change”

    Did they just give up on the "Rule Box" phrasing for EXs and Vs?
  6. LilyLopears

    Aggron Line and Emolga from “Mask of Change!”

    I may have gotten a bit sidetracked while reading this LMAO Yeah Emolga definitely should work
  7. LilyLopears

    Aggron Line and Emolga from “Mask of Change!”

    Reversal Energy and Metang's Metal Maker for energy, plus Full Metal Lab and Hero's Cape for lots of bulk, and of course Rare Candy to get Aggron evolved quickly? Remind me if there's a card that could spread small amounts of damage across one's own bench?
  8. LilyLopears

    Special English “Scarlet & Violet” 6.5 Set to Release in August!

    Poor Flygon and Altaria, couldn't even make the boxart in their own generation's dragon set.
  9. LilyLopears

    Brute Bonnet, Iron Bundle from “Mask of Change”

    Brute Bonnet is definitely going in my Poison deck with Seviper, Muk, Pooper and Perilous Jungle.
  10. LilyLopears

    “Paradise Dragona” Set Name Trademarked for the Pokemon TCG!

    The Shiny Tera Rayquaza in the current anime season comes to mind...
  11. LilyLopears

    Arceus VSTAR: Was It Secretly Good This Whole Time?

    Arceus wins like every third tournament for the past couple years, and every single time, the writers for this site pretend to be surprised
  12. LilyLopears

    Magcargo ex from “Crimson Haze”

    No one's gonna say it? Alright, guess I have to do the dishonors. ,*uses Throat Spray* ahem. SLUGMA BALLS
  13. LilyLopears

    Shiny Tera Charizard ex, Gardevoir ex, and Palafin Illustration Rares from “Shiny Treasure ex!”

    Regular Palafin: All-Might Shiny Palafin: All For One
  14. LilyLopears

    Official Card Dex App To Be Discontinued

    Time wasted uploading a set of jpegs instead of doing literally anything else, I guess?
  15. LilyLopears

    Official Card Dex App To Be Discontinued

    Honestly, Live needs all the development resources it can get lol.
  16. LilyLopears

    Gengar Line from “Raging Surf!”

    I agree with the above comments, I'm glad to see more effects/mechanics on a wider variety of cards, instead of an endless wave of commons that do nothing vs flashy 2 and 3-prizers with no inbetween.
  17. LilyLopears

    New Pokemon Poltchageist Revealed!

    Mewtwo is more furrybait than any starter will ever be, change my mind.
  18. LilyLopears

    New Pokemon Poltchageist Revealed!

    Let me guess, "they look like Digimon"? "they're just a man in a suit"? "they're just objects"? Definitely haven't heard these about literally every generation over the years...
  19. LilyLopears

    New Pokemon Poltchageist Revealed!

    I am aware, but they're usually named something different, while there is straight-up a city in Japan named Kitakami.,_Iwate
  20. LilyLopears

    New Pokemon Poltchageist Revealed!

    It is certainly strange how many Galar mons are getting evos or new variants, despite the first DLC taking us to an area south of Sinnoh. (Kitakami is a real place it turns out, similar to how Kanto is just based on IRL Kanto.) I highly suspect Hisuian mons will also be a big focus...