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  1. ninetales1234

    First Episode of 'Pocket Monsters' Anime Officially Uploaded, Ash's Pikachu as Pichu!

    Ash’s Pikachu as a Pichu? Gold and Silver (the first game featuring Pichu) were released November 21, 1999. So, they've had nearly 20 years to talk about Ash's Pikachu being a different Pokémon, and they haven't covered it until now?
  2. ninetales1234

    Worlds 2020 in London, Worlds 2019 Winners!

    2002 was Seattle, a location which was never repeated.
  3. ninetales1234

    Writing Murphy's Laws of Pokémon Combat

    High five! Your comprehension of Murphy's Law as a general concept is noted. Nobody has written a "Murphys Laws of Pokémon Collectors and Booster Opening". This is an opportunity for someone like you to step forward!
  4. ninetales1234

    Writing Murphy's Laws of Pokémon Combat

    "Rejected Laws" that didn't make the cut: The only format that's been completely perfected or optimized is the one you think about in hindsight. A deck with an acceptable win rate in a smaller tournament, can expect to have less success in a larger tournament. Corollary: If a player's deck's...
  5. ninetales1234

    Writing Murphy's Laws of Pokémon Combat

    Based on Murphy's Laws of Combat Any resource you use to modify damage right now, you'll need later, too. Anything you do can lose you the game, including nothing. The strategy you've assured yourself is foolproof, will only be such, until you show it to someone else. The easiest prizes always...
  6. ninetales1234

    Pokemon Neko's RealDex (PGO! Alternative)

    Lilligant is on-point with the colors! Wonder what the creator of this Pokémon was thinking about? Catch a real-life Vileplume and that will be really impressive!
  7. ninetales1234

    Pokemon Specificity is the Future of Pokémon Development

    If such a Pokémon were introduced in the video game, each Pokémon would have a 6% chance of have an allergy to said Pokémon. It would inhibit their ability to perform Mega Evolution. It would evolve into cashew oil, and there'd be some mechanic where you can only evolve it if a rock type is in...
  8. ninetales1234

    Discussion Will you be playing Tate and Liza post rotation?

    There's not enough disincentive to play Items, (e.g. Garbodor GRI) or item lock (e.g Seismitoad EX). Switch will be sufficient. For most decks, I'd rather Cynthia, shuffle for 6, and hope I draw a Switch (or Escape Board, even!) or burn up as many cards from my hand as possible, and then Lillie...
  9. ninetales1234

    $60,000 Mewtwo Card Lost or Stolen in the Mail, $1,000 Award Offered

    "Double-Stuffed Felony" What is the endgame of the thief? Did they have a feud with the seller or buyer?
  10. ninetales1234

    'Unbroken Bonds' Now Out of Print, Possible New Trend for Future Print Runs

    The booster boxes are not sold with a statement that guarantees they were printed from Date X to Date Y, in Z quantity, and that no more will be made. When I buy booster boxes, I know what I'm getting into, and the risks. Additional copies of any of the cards in my possession could be...
  11. ninetales1234

    'Unified Minds,' August's SM11 Set!

    Yes, August 16th is the 3rd Friday of the month of the release of the set. This is why I am optimistic about Worlds, but also impatient. I want to know the full set of cards Worlds participants have to work with, right now! But I'm also optimistic, because this set is huge, so anyone who...
  12. ninetales1234

    PokeBeach’s May 2019 PTCGO Tournament, Sponsored by!

    Round 7, table 200 @ninetales1234 wins 2-0 against @NaganadelIsBeast
  13. ninetales1234

    Mewtwo-GX, Erika To Be Awarded at Japan's Draft Tournaments This Summer!

    "Each player may draw up to 3 cards" Wonder if it will be legal to play, if both players choose not to draw any cards. When you play it, you know if you're going to choose not to draw, but you don't know if your opponent is going to choose not to draw! This is one of those "can't play a trainer...
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    PokeBeach’s May 2019 PTCGO Tournament, Sponsored by!

    table 167 round 6 @ninetales1234 wins 2-0 against @boyishgoodlooks
  15. ninetales1234

    PokeBeach’s May 2019 PTCGO Tournament, Sponsored by!

    Round 5, table 133 @Ken Truong wins 2-0 against @ninetales1234
  16. ninetales1234

    Discussion Pokemon Customer Support

    Gotcha, that IS something that's worth looking into. I started running tournaments back in 2005 (before the release of TOM) and ran many tests with TOM (and many real tournaments) when it came out. The program has been a "work in progress", like many other kinds of software out there. There's...
  17. ninetales1234

    Standard Aerodactyl

    Yeah, really! All the "challenges" they have on the game like "do 800 damage with X type Pokemon", they should have a "Ridiculous Amounts of Mulligans" challenge that awards you with tickets or something.
  18. ninetales1234

    Standard Aerodactyl

    IMO the TAE is your backup plan if the Baton doesn't work.
  19. ninetales1234

    Standard Malamar toolbox

    Don't need 2 Onix if you can get it back with rescue stretcher. Even if it's prized, you can Guzma to KO something that's a little easier to KO than PikaZek, then draw Onix out of the prizes. Maybe put in a GengKyu.
  20. ninetales1234

    Discussion Pokemon Customer Support

    If it's an issue where someone at the event may have done something against the rules, they may have been ordered to *not* follow up with you.