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  1. Craig Johnston

    News Rumored New Pokemon Appears Publicly in 'Pokemon GO,' Then Vanishes!

    The new NutCase Pokemon. Only available around Washington DC
  2. Craig Johnston

    Standard Honchkrow/Tapu Koko/Necrozma GX

    I'm looking at Counter Energy and the new Tapu Lele when/if we get it. I'm also looking to reduce the Tapu Lele GX count, just to limit the bench bait.
  3. Craig Johnston

    Standard Honchkrow/Tapu Koko/Necrozma GX

    I play a similar list with some success (top 8 at a Cup): ##Pokémon - 21 * 2 Oranguru SUM 113 * 4 Murkrow GRI 78 * 4 Honchkrow GRI 79 * 1 Sneasel BUS 85 * 1 Weavile BUS 86 * 3 Tapu Koko PR-SM SM31 * 1 Espeon-EX BKP 52 * 1 Giratina PR-XY XY184 * 1 Necrozma-GX BUS 63 * 3 Tapu Lele-GX GRI 60...
  4. Craig Johnston

    News Worlds 2018 in Nashville

    I expect a lot more players up and down the US East Coast will try to qualify for 2018. In our area in Upstate NY, there are a lot of accessible events - League Challenges, League Cups, as well as access to many of the US Regionals. So much is within driving distance - Toronto, Hartford...
  5. Craig Johnston

    News Worlds 2018 in Nashville

    The JW Marriott in Nashville is near the convention center. Usually we see a "regular" Marriott, but this would be good. There are a lot of Courtyards/Residence Inns/Springhill Suites/etc. (all by Marriott) in the area. The Convention Center is near the Country Music Hall of Fame as well...
  6. Craig Johnston

    News Japan's SM3+ Set: 'Shining Legends!'

    Basically baby Yveltal for Lightning! This could be a thing.
  7. Craig Johnston

    News Pokémon Changing How Reprints Are Printed, Likely No 'Best of XY' Set

    I sure do want the Best of XY artwork, and I don't want those cards Standard legal. Why can't we get The Best of XY with the alternate tag?
  8. Craig Johnston

    News First 'The Best of XY' News, Reprinted Cards

    The Japanese players meet the rest of the world in Anaheim in August. Their formats may be different, but the base set of cards allowed is the same. If they release this set into Standard, then they are standard for everyone. Shaymin, Seismitoad, MewTwo, Darkrai, and Yveltal will be around forever.
  9. Craig Johnston

    Standard Umbreon GX, Yveltals

    Not Pitch Black Spear but Night Spear from DEX Darkrai EX I'm not sure about the Yveltal Break. Although it does additional bench damage, the energy costs are hard to get out, especially if you are feeding Evee early and Yveltal BKT from Max elixir. Stick with the Fright Night Yveltal and...
  10. Craig Johnston

    What are the Best Sleeves for Shuffling your Deck?

    Dragon Shield Matte. They shuffle even better than the regular Dragon Shields and last a good long time.