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  1. EmmaTheBest

    All of China’s Exclusive “Pokemon GO” Cards Revealed!

    Sincerely don't believe that. Gamefreak always likes to add themselves into each game somewhere. Even in games that were clearly rushed out, like SWSH. Yet, in SV, among all the countless other things that got cut and axed, they were also the only main series games to date that didn't include...
  2. EmmaTheBest

    All of China’s Exclusive “Pokemon GO” Cards Revealed!

    I never thought a supposed Pokemon Go set would be so lax in it's theming...and how botched it would end up being. Like, yeah, there's a few cards that you could theoretically imagine being AR+ maybe 10 years from the Mewtwo secret art, along with some of the regular...
  3. EmmaTheBest

    “The Glory of Team Rocket” and “Terastal Festival” Set Names Trademarked for the Pokemon TCG!

    Team Rocket is cool and all, but they've had plenty of opprutunities to shine now. Gen 4 recently got a pair of games, so why not do a Team Galactic set? Team Aqua/Magma got a set in Gen 6, and I don't think people like Archie/Maxie nearly as much as Cyrus, regardless of their redesigns...
  4. EmmaTheBest

    Sinistcha and Ogerpon Promos for “Twilight Masquerade” Store Promotions, Except for U.S. GameStops! What?

    A shame, truly. Although I vehemently disagree with their stupid PSA decision, it's a shame that they screwed themselves out of the potential customers they got with the promos. Can't really blame TPCI for being mad about it, but it still really sucks, and all further GS promos are likely going...
  5. EmmaTheBest

    GameStop To Begin Buying and Selling Graded Pokemon Cards Next Week, Selling Pokemon Singles in Stores!

    Absolute clown behavior. I can almost guarantee you I own and collect more Pokemon stuff than anyone you know (although knowing the target audience of this site in particular, I suppose I could be wrong here) and I own a grand total of two graded cards. ...Neither of which were graded by PSA...
  6. EmmaTheBest

    “Twilight Masquerade” Prerelease Promos Revealed!

    So an average American citizen, basically. 🥴
  7. EmmaTheBest

    Pokemon TCG Earned Record $857 Million in Japan for 2023, More Than Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic, and Others Combined!

    I'm not Japanese, so take my opinion with a grain of salt, but... LOTTERIES WERE NEVER A GOOD IDEA
  8. EmmaTheBest

    No Path, No Problem — Giratina Slaps in Post-Rotation

    I like the fact I can only read the first 10% of this article, probably. 🙃
  9. EmmaTheBest

    Lost Zone Box Breakdown for EUIC

    Pretty hard to give you any, if most of it is paywalled. :^)
  10. EmmaTheBest

    New “Paradox Clash Tins” Releasing in May!

    Both Iron Leaves and Walking Wake are overall still my favorite two of the Paradox Pokemon. IDEK why, but I just love how they both look, on a purely aesthetic level.
  11. EmmaTheBest

    The Age of Calamity — A New Era for Roaring Moon ex

    ^ And THIS is why paywalling articles like this a bafflingly stupid idea. Be better, Pokebeach.
  12. EmmaTheBest

    Rarest Ever English Stamped Promos Releasing in Southeast Asia!

    Wouldn't be surprised. A few exceedingly rare prints of Pokemon Catcher go for way less than logic would dictate...
  13. EmmaTheBest

    Tera Garchomp ex, Tera Froslass ex, and More Revealed from “Raging Surf!”

    Although I agree, I mainly just reason that TM discs are able to be slid inside a Poke Ball via the black seperator strip, on the back of a Poke Ball when it's closed. That's the logic I use for my fanfictions, at least, and is literally the only way discs make sense in my mind...
  14. EmmaTheBest

    “Obsidian Flames” English Set List, Products, and Info!

    Champion's Path was this idea done exponentially worse. I said what I said. Especially with this set, at least, not having the gall to steal a Shiny Zard from the prior set for no good reason. That one Shiny Zard gets displayed in my Darkness Ablaze binder for that very reason. Absolutely...
  15. EmmaTheBest

    Full Art Eiscue ex from “Ruler of the Black Flame!”

    Already exists. Trust me, Gamefreak ain't gonna make a better system than the one in Pokemon Infinite Fusion.
  16. EmmaTheBest

    The Unstoppable Arceus — An Overview of Arceus VSTAR / Giratina VSTAR

    Neither do I, my friend. Regardless, this concludes the public portion of this comment section.
  17. EmmaTheBest

    New Format, New Problems — Lessons and Highlights from EUIC

    Old subscription format, old problems. This concludes the public portion of this comment section.
  18. EmmaTheBest

    Iono Causes Shortages of “Clay Burst” Set, Pokemon Takes Corrective Action

    I legit read her lines in my head as an 18ish year old in my head, in my first Alola playthrough. In fact, I also guessed that literally all the Trial Captains and the important, not-obviously-an-older-adult important characters were all around that age too. I was absolutely shocked when I saw...
  19. EmmaTheBest

    It’s Time For Rotation — Scarlet and Violet Set Analysis

    This concludes the public portion of this article, because while I can sorta understand gatekeeping decklist articles (even though plenty of sites and Youtube videos have no issues making the info free like any decent participant of the community would), paylocking a set review?! Get outta here...
  20. EmmaTheBest

    Pokemon Judge Receives Lifetime Ban Following Harassment of Transgender Players at Tournament

    Well, good to hear they're gone. If that person worked for Blizzard, I'm 100% sure they'd have been able to keep their job for another 10 years, no matter the hit that the company's reputation would take as a result. Maybe they should ask Bobby Sata- er, Kotick, if his business has any openings...