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  1. WitherSnow

    RBY Problems with Lv. 100 glitch in pokemon Blue 3DS

    So I got my Slowbro and am able to get less than the required amount so I can get to level 100. But I tried it and it isn't working. Anything I could try?
  2. WitherSnow

    What do You Think the New Types/Abilities/Moves/Changes will be for Sun & Moon?

    Fixed attack moves like SonicBoom and Dragon Rage. Is DE a fixed move? I kinda see your point. Why not +10 BP for every 20 Speed? DS needs fixed. Your idea sounds cool.
  3. WitherSnow

    What do You Think the New Types/Abilities/Moves/Changes will be for Sun & Moon?

    Post Ideas for new abilities in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Calculator: Doubles the damage of moves with fixed attack numbers Momentum: Physical attacks gain 20 BP for every 20 speed of the pokemon. Restriction: Moves that don't have STAB have their BP doubled. Limit Break: Limits on moves are...
  4. WitherSnow

    Discussion Confirmed Fake Rumor Catalog - Sun & Moon Edition [Games Out!]

    Link? We should start adding links to places that prove they are fake.
  5. WitherSnow

    Discussion Confirmed Fake Rumor Catalog - Sun & Moon Edition [Games Out!]

    Where is the proof to show that the leaks and pictures are fake? Also confirmed fake.
  6. WitherSnow

    Sun & Moon Starter Pokemon

    So guys what would you say to the idea that these are your starters?
  7. WitherSnow

    New Forum Suggestions

    I have a suggestion for the Pokémon un/Moon threads. What if you had a thread for rumors. The way it would work is that you have one or two rumors in discussion. If it's confirmed fake it goes in that thread but if it's to be decided it goes in a TBD thread. And if it's confirmed it goes in a...
  8. WitherSnow

    Sun & Moon Starter Pokemon

    This archived thread on 4chan shows someone who claims to have seen the starters. There you go. Discuss.
  9. WitherSnow

    Sun & Moon Starter Pokemon

    God I hope it's a rabbit, tiger or sheep. Someone should make fakemon based off these ideas. As for this gen im voting rabbit.
  10. WitherSnow

    Junichi Masuda Appearing on 'Pokenchi' on November 15th

    X and Y were announced during Direct.
  11. WitherSnow

    Junichi Masuda Appearing on 'Pokenchi' on November 15th

    Remember, there's a Nintendo Direct coming Thursday. We might see something on both.
  12. WitherSnow

    XY Your Shiny Hunts

    Most of my shiny hunts are Masuda method Breeding. And so far all of them failed. Here's what I tried. Frokie Combee Klefki Fennikin Roggenrola I tried shiny chain fishing but both times failed. After 20 or so encounters paranoia sets in and I second guess myself. So I have yet to return to...
  13. WitherSnow

    Speculation Speculation Sunday #1: Changes to the Kalos Region

    We could see a whole new part of Kalos not seen before by way of the trains in Couriway Town. The description is a hint at how we will see a new part of Kalos. Eastern Kalos. I think the new starting town will be below Lumiose City. To be specific, directly southweast of the rocky thing you see...
  14. WitherSnow

    XY A Kalos/Hoenn Crossover in 2015?

    RE: A Kalos/Hoenn Crossover in 2015? It's likely true! On that map you put up I saw a few regions I had never seen before. What games are they from?
  15. WitherSnow

    Hoopa's Lore Finally Revealed: Hoopa Event Uncovered in X/Y Coding [5/20]

    Volcanion looks so cool. Why can't they be just a normal fudging legendary trio? Did GF not learn from the XY leakers? They can't hide anything! Im excited for a Volcanion event.
  16. WitherSnow

    IPOF's - General Discussion Thread | Current Topic: Artists and Audiences

    RE: Fan Fakes - General Discussion Thread You could always go with A Fairy/Water Jellyfish. Ar a praying Mantis. Or a Ground type toad. Sense this a discussion of fakes i thought i would share one someone else made.
  17. WitherSnow

    'Omega Ruby' and 'Alpha Sapphire' Releasing November 2014! [5/7]

    I bet after X and Y they aren't leaving anything to chance.
  18. WitherSnow

    XY Ideas for Future Pokémon Generations

    My idea is based off of the Archipelgo trial from Don't Starve. All you need to know is that there are six islands Each island has it's own pokedex and legendary. Each island is based on a climate 1. Kupala Island Based on a forest and grassland 2.Snowgleu Island Based on snowy plains and...
  19. WitherSnow

    XY A new kind of Pokémon - Monochromatic?

    RE: A new kind of Pokemon - Monochromatic? I would appriciate a new shiney but if there was a new "shiny' i think it would be metalic pokemon.
  20. WitherSnow

    Pokemon Pokémon Red, White, and Blue - Peta Strikes Back

    RE: Pokemon Red, White, and Blue - Peta Strikes Back Everybody getting their panties in a wad over a parody is hilarious. Also GF can't sew them cause it's a parody. (Parodies fall under free use.)