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  1. Pokéteen 1738

    News Ash's Pikachu Promos and Plushes Available at Retailers!

    I Wonder If Its Going To Be In Every GameStop Or In Some Of Them.
  2. Pokéteen 1738

    TCG Fakes Edwin's Fake Thread (Image Based)

    Dude I love all of your custom cards. I really wish they were real because you deserve to work for the PTCG Company. My favorite one of all was the Chandelure GX because Chandelure is my #1 Favorite Pokémon of all time.
  3. Pokéteen 1738

    Discussion What Pokémon Do You Want to See as a GX, and Why?

    I wish that Shaymin GX is a thing so that way Shaymin will still be alive in the TCG.It can have its Roaring Skies attack and ability(even though it would be boring),a new and good Gx attack thats worth to use once and improved HP like 150 at least since Shaymin has low HP in the TCG.I can just...
  4. Pokéteen 1738

    News Japan's SM3+ Set: 'Shining Legends!'

    To tell you the truth I really do like the 5 Ban Graphics artworks but the Mewtwo GX does really do boring
  5. Pokéteen 1738

    News New 'Mega Powers Collection' in May Featuring Four New Full Arts!

    Toys R Us is very harsh because of their savage high prices am I right?
  6. Pokéteen 1738

    News New 'Espeon-GX / Umbreon-GX Premium Collections' in July!

    I guess I'll go with the Umbreon Gx since I like the Umbreon Artwork better and it dont matter because the cards are reprints
  7. Pokéteen 1738

    News Strengthening Expansion Pack, Best of XY Pack, and Ash VS Team Rocket Deck!

    Yeah that sounds like a great idea because there making the Mega Powers Collection Boxes.The Supporters Box would be another PTCG SUCCESS
  8. Pokéteen 1738

    News 'Sun & Moon Trainer Kit' to Feature Alolan Raichu and Lycanroc!

    Is it just me or is that the Rockruff from the SM 1 Pack Blister.
  9. Pokéteen 1738

    News 'Mega Tyranitar-EX Premium Collection' in June!

    If the Pokemon Company is making a Premium Collection box with Ultra Rares from a set then please make a M Charizard Ex(X) Premium Collection
  10. Pokéteen 1738

    News 'M Camerupt-EX and M Sharpedo-EX Premium Collections' in April!

    Am I the only one that really hopes for a M Sableye EX Premium Collection Box?