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  1. Vitiel

    Standard Silvally/Buzzwole: Is it worth it?

    didn't stop zoroark
  2. Vitiel

    Standard Penguins, Pokemon, and PokéPuffs (Post- ULP)

    Just another note on Tapu Lele GX and Poke Puff, Wonder Tag says that it has to be played during the user's turn to activate.
  3. Vitiel

    Alt. Format BKP-ULP: Empoleon/Glaceon

    Yeah, definitely should, just gotta figure out what to cut for it...
  4. Vitiel

    Alt. Format BKP-ULP: Empoleon/Glaceon

    Glaceon only affects the opponent's board.
  5. Vitiel

    Alt. Format BKP-ULP: Empoleon/Glaceon

    Pokemon: 16 3 Piplup ULP 1 Prinplup ULP 3 Empoleon ULP 2 Tapu Lele GX 4 Eevee SUM 2 Glaceon GX 1 Manaphy EX Trainers: 33 4 Sycamore 3 N 2 Guzma 1 Brigette 1 Acerola 4 Ultra Ball 3 Rare Candy 4 Aqua Patch 2 Field Blower 2 Rescue Stretcher 1 Pal Pad 3 Choice Band 3 Brooklet Hill Energy: 11 8...
  6. Vitiel

    Standard Frozen Fox [Glaceon GX/Zoroark GX]

    Not sure about Turtonator. Zoroark probably does more to metal foes than Turtonator would.
  7. Vitiel

    News Japan's December Sets: 'Ultra Sun' and 'Ultra Moon!'

    Don't forget Lucario can grab anything from the deck if you have Garchomp up.
  8. Vitiel

    News Japan's December Sets: 'Ultra Sun' and 'Ultra Moon!'

    There's a lot of cute things in this set; Glaceon GX piques my interest most and the new Alolan Sandslash could make for a silly pet deck, as well as Garchomp/Lucario/Cynthia. Some neat non-GX fires, too.
  9. Vitiel

    Standard Lucario Garchomp (SM5)

    Have you considered Puzzle of Time? That may be another good way of recycling your Cynthias, and playing two becomes easier with Lucario's ability.
  10. Vitiel

    News Japan's December Sets: 'Ultra Sun' and 'Ultra Moon!'

    giratina prism star ninja boy into nihilego gx sounds like a funny move
  11. Vitiel

    Glaceon-GX from SM5!

    Reminds me of Darkrai EX DEX, but with some ability lock! Sounds fun, but with all the Metal support coming around... yeesh.
  12. Vitiel

    Standard The Return of Big Basics/Garb

    How much testing have you done with this? Balancing out your energies seems tough to handle, especially when you have one that can only be attached to Buzzwole.
  13. Vitiel

    News Japan's SM4+ Set: 'GX Battle Boost!'

    I want TPCi to stop pretending those Regis are salvageable with support like this aaaaaaaaaa
  14. Vitiel

    Discussion Brigette, a card that makes players love or hate the most

    ya gotta consider what you're actually sayin bro
  15. Vitiel

    Alt. Format BKT-CRI: Buzzwole GX/Garbodor

    Yeah, Espeon was another tech I was considering strongly. Same for Max Potion.
  16. Vitiel

    News New Solgaleo-GX and Lunala-GX in November Starter Set!

    I think the Lunala is meant to also be used with the new Solgaleo, but why bother when the older Solgaleo GX gives more utility and hits harder for less?
  17. Vitiel

    Alt. Format BKT-CRI: Buzzwole GX/Garbodor

    Pokemon: 14 4 Buzzwole GX 4 Trubbish GRI 2 Garbodor BKP 2 Garbodor GRI 2 Tapu Lele GX Trainers: 30 4 Professor Sycamore 3 N 3 Guzma 2 Acerola 1 Brigette 4 Ultra Ball 3 Float Stone 3 Fighting Fury Belt 2 Field Blower 3 Po Town 1 Rescue Stretcher 1 Special Charge Energy: 13 6 Fighting 4 Strong 3...
  18. Vitiel

    Standard Forged Alliance (Silvally GX / Metal attackers)

    Since Magearna EX provides additional support with its ability and can one-shot Gardevoir GX with easier energy requirements, have you thought about it?
  19. Vitiel

    Standard Furious Box (Buzzwole GX / Sudowoodo / Carbink Break)

    Also nice for the fact that it can chunk Garbodor for a bit more, plus with FFB a Mew's Jet Punch will one shot Trubbish.